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For anyone that may be interested I have completed a major project that I have been working on for the past 10 years. This is a list of car sales by Georgia Car & Locomotive Co. from 1908-1930 broken down by individual companies and placed on 5x8 cards. I do not plan to publish this but I will have an index which will be available for a large SSAE. For anyone interested contact me off list and I'll notify you when the index is completed and how much postage to add to the SSAE. From the index you can ask about individual companies and I'll send the info, but there is a limit of one company per month.

The list runs from the Aberden & Ashboro RR to the (W.A.) Zelnicker Supply Co. It includes only car and crane sales that are not listed in the Georgia Car & Locomotive locomotive sales list. It does include car purchases from major roads like Georgia Southern & Fla, AB&A, M&O, ACL, SAL, Long Island RR(many a southern shortline had an ex-LIRR coach on their trains) ect............

The sales info is not very detailed, usually there is only mention of the type (which sometimes lists capacity and length) and former owner (which sometimes has the former road number). The sales are listed by quarter (though some years do list by month). All this info is taken from original profit & loss statements of GC&L from 1908-1930 that I inherited from the late John B. Allen, the man who is responsible for the GC&L locomotive sales lists.

In the future I will also have quarter by quarter inventories of equipment for sale which will include locomotives.

Again if interested email me off list at:

-- Donald R Hensley, Jr. (, August 04, 2000

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