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Updated 04.08.00, 12:44 (GMT +01:000) More Trouble Hits Oslo-Area Trains A signal malfunction at Oslo's Central Station caused more problems for Norwegian railway NSB on Friday. Nearly all trains to and from Oslo were delayed and the airport train wasn't spared.

A power cut was initially blamed for the trouble at the area's main train station. Signal failure then forced NSB to halt all trains through Oslo S.

To make matters worse, an airport express train from Asker to Gardermoen developed technical trouble and broke down at Lysaker station.

That meant only a single track was available between Hxvik and Lysaker, causing further delays during the morning commute rush. NSB officials said schedules were pretty much back to normal by mid-day.

(Aftenposten Interactive/NSB)

-- (, August 04, 2000

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