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Authors Preface: Over the last few months a plethora of events have occurred which have both amazed and mystified a great number of observers. Many of these events we have attempted to explain in relation to the coming of the climactic earth changes of mother earth as she goes through this phase before the final birthing event.

In addition, we have offered a consistent thread from the origins and purpose of the layout of the Giza Plateau Pyramid complex, right through to the various scenarios we now find ourselves witnessing. Scenarios that independently may at first be taken out of context, however, once placed together form a gigantic jigsaw of the most bizarre and frightening dire contrivance ever constructed this side of the Galaxy.

The connections once made have been obvious, and include such subjects as the anomalous solar activity, Brookhaven, HAARP, Chemtrails, earthquake activity and more.

In past updates we have offered our caution into the real agenda of such coming events as the great disclosure of extraterrestrial activity, the false prophet and what actually we should be looking out for. Naturally, a few have equated our offer of advice for the coming months ahead as being part of a great mis- or dis- information plan. We assure all of you out there nothing can be further from the truth. In addition, as a site we have the esteem of being one of the longest running and hardest hit sites on the web of being victim to file and internet corruption, imposed by those who do not wish this information to be imparted into the public domain.

ALL of the articles over the last 12 months or so have been brought into the public domain with no lean risk to ourselves, our place of work and family, in addition we offer these timely updates in our own unpaid time.

We now offer the third and final update in this series for you do digest and do what you will, if you do not accept the advice and information therein, then so be it, this is your choice of free will. However, to ignore the information out of hand will be to miss out on the greatest opportunity (ascension) in the history of this planet, one that may not come around again for at least another 500,000 years. We have this one great opportunity NOW, as they say "USE IT OR LOSE IT".

For those who do not accept what is occurring, well, sit back and watch in awe and wonder, for events WILL prove out.

One final point before we get down to the real nuts and bolts, a few people think that we offer these articles solely to those living on Terra, planet earth. Would it be such a surprise to learn that the information is also intended for others! This is an opportunity for those off world too, remember us "earthlings" are relatively new kids on the galactic block.


On September the 13th, 2000 (give or take a FEW hours) a VERY LARGE INBOUND will be arriving, on a direct collision course with EARTH. This will also coincide with the arrival of part of the debris from the MARS event that has been discussed on the Internet recently. See Phobos Impact Scenario at

Some of that debris is quite large, and the associated dust cloud and debris will also be coming on a direct collision course with EARTH. However, people should NOT get caught up in the FEAR of these imminent impacts. It is believed that these inbound objects WILL NOT reach the EARTH, but some of the smaller debris will find their way through, for this cannot be avoided.

ALL of these inbound objects will be "BOUNCED" off the GRID, which was activated on the 5th May 2000 AND was further strengthened on the 12th MAY 2000. This is the very same GRID THAT has been defusing the massive CME's (Solar Coronal Mass Ejections) which have, and continue to SLAM into earths ionosphere, only to poop-out before they reach the surface.

"HE" understands that there are those non-believers, although they are doing their best, they just do not have the insight to see all they should see. "HE" loves these people very much, and encourages them to question and to learn MORE. To and for these people he has provided a few VISUAL AIDS, these aids were provided, as usual, through CROP CIRCLE formations.

click on image to enlarge

click on image to enlarge

In the above Crop Circle you will notice that the objects are on a collision course with the EARTH'S SHIELD and GRID. One might wish to pay attention to the direction, in addition to the approximate angle of these inbound objects.

click on image to enlarge

click on image to enlarge

In the CROP CIRCLE above you will notice that the SHIELD of the GRID itself remains intact. Now check the DATES of the CROP CIRCLES, the first crop circle (the one showing the inbound about to impact with the shield) was given before the second CROP CIRCLE (the one which shows the SHIELD INTACT but the GRID shuddering or vibrating).

In previous articles we spoke of future earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, etc. this IMMINENT IMPACT to the GRID will create some or all of the above. There is NO WAY in which these events can be prevented as far as we are aware. However, the GRID itself will be absorbing some huge impacts and this in turn will create a need to re-disperse the energy created due to this impact, thus the shuddering, or vibrating effect shown in the second CROP CIRCLE diagram.

For those who are aware of the physics involved in such an event, relax and do NOT be concerned that the impact will be throwing the EARTH off it's existing orbit. Although we are not at liberty, at this time, to inform you how the orbit will be maintained, rest assured the situation is being remedied and under control.

Although we have chosen to use only but two examples of the recent CROP CIRCLE formations in this particular article, there are many others and they may continue to emerge in various locations. Therefore, "HE" will keep showing those who cannot, or are reluctant, to see that information which "HE" is trying to forewarn "HIS" people of.

There are a number of good illustrated sites to demonstrate the latest, and past, crop circle formations, however, to follow the latest and best descriptive site relevant to this article link to the Crop Circle connector at


The Book of Revelation is not open for discussion or for man's interpretation, it is what it is, that being, the future history of events that will transpire. The point of no return was reached at the time the SPEAR was jabbed into the CHRIST at the time of his CRUCIFIXION. For the CHRIST and the EARTH are but the same and we have continued to abuse this dying EARTH. For although CHRIST sacrificed himself to try and save the EARTH and his People, CHRIST, like the EARTH is now dying, while the ROSE (GODs BLESSING) has now been passed over to Joseph's second born, EPHRIAM.

To lay eyes on EPHRIAM at this point in time one will see only the body of a child, but his face reflects the awareness that he carries the knowledge and strength of conviction of a much older, wiser and mature learned person.


Send my message to all those who now suffer. I am here to bring FREEDOM. FREEDOM and FREE WILL are one. A message also to those Tyrants, "you know who you are" you will be suppressed as you have suppressed others. Be warned...the time is now. The choice is yours. The choice is FREEDOM.........


We love you...regardless of everything else we will push through the Love

ONE of the inbound, due on or about the 13th September, is believed to be none other than WORMWOOD! (1) If you recall, when we wrote the article on the Great Pyramid, THE ARK and the EXODUS connection, the term wood in the book of Exodus was used when making reference to rock. Now we have ships hiding in and around the inbound, hence the term burrowed, or wormed inside. This scenario (of worming in) may be observed in the latest posting entitled, Hubble Sees Comet Linear Blow its Top at

where comet Linear seems to be "misbehaving". For more on this link to the article Comet S4 Linear Behaving Like Violent SL9 Impactor at the Your Own World USA site

Therefore, it is believed embedded and dug into this inbound are the forces of the ANTI-CHRIST. They, like the inbound, will be "Bounced", however, the problem that arises with this scenario is that they will then be within striking distance of EARTH.

In addition, astronomers attempting to learn more about the demise of comet Linear were hampered at the most important viewing window of opportunity, by a forest fire that threatened the cluster of telescopes atop La Palma in the Canary Islands.

It is hoped that Dr Mark Kidger, the astronomer who first reported the disintegration of Comet LINEAR, will continue with observations by the time that this update is out.

For more information on this, link to Spaceflight Now - breaking news,

An interesting and relevant quote may be found in LUKE.

And he [Jesus] said unto them [the 70 disciples], I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. (Luke 10:18.)

The ANTI-CHRIST has called in his forces, and although he even walks amongst us here on Earth, he has yet to come forward. The FALSE PROPHET has yet to clear the way for the ANTI-CHRIST to step forward. This scenario is now set to unfold and MAKE NO MISTAKE THE ANTI-CHRIST IS VERY GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES. Because of this, the coming months will indeed be a very trying time, especially as the ANTI-CHRIST attempts to influence your FREE WILL CHOICE.

WE are unaware of his overall plan, and will not be aware of it until the ANTI-CHRIST makes himself known, however, we do know the way the FALSE PROPHET will begin to set the stage for the ANTI-CHRIST.

As Revelation informs.

And [after the war in heaven] the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." (Rev. 12:9)


The first point to understand is that everything that does exist does so by being held in its state on specific harmonic, or vibrational levels. ALL things at a fixed vibrational frequency will exist in a given time frame. Once all objects in the same time space are at the same vibrational frequency, they can be treated as one singular object, or, in our case, they can be controlled as a singular unit.

Therefore, there are those that would, and are, act in an attempt to take advantage of this situation. Hence the reason why most known alien races are telepathic, for once you become "tuned in" you then arrive at the point where your thoughts and

FREEDOM are no longer ones own.

Once this process is initialised you are then at the mercy of the ones who control that frequency.

It is through, and as a result of this that they may control and alter ones beliefs, history and mould you into what they would have you be. AND THE FIRST THING THEY WOULD TELL YOU IS THAT THERE IS NO GOD! For should one even suspect that there was a GOD, they would have to run the risk of the discovery that the FREEDOM of PERSONAL GROWTH would attract some of their followers (OR SLAVES) away from their control.

It was this very same control possibility that the New World Order had in mind when they discovered the Zeta's possessed this knowledge for them to carry out such a plan.

The Zeta's found us (Humans) a very interesting race of people, for they had never encountered a race that was driven by emotions to the extent that we are. Therefore, the deal was made and the chemical cocktail drawn up. It was then left to the NWO to begin administering this control system en-masse to the people. This chemical cocktail has been designed to LOWER our VIBRATIONAL rate, carrying with it some concerning side effects, which we will address separately.

This FALSE PROPHET we speak of, at the time of writing, is "in ASHRAM" (2) and when ready, will have reached the level at which he will have MASTERED this very same vibrational frequency. HE HAS previously stated that when he appears on camera he will not speak, but that you will know his thoughts.

The only piece of advice that we can offer at this point in time is DO NOT LOOK INTO THIS MAN'S EYES!

As far as breaking free of this much lower VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY, we suggest that you learn to generate a self induced VIBRATIONAL CHANGE (this was the one thing that the Zetas could not comprehend - hence the fascination with our species). This is possible if you can induce an alteration to your emotional state, as such changes cause your VIBRATION to alter accordingly. Any such change of emotion will alter your vibrational frequency, therefore, should you begin to feel somewhat lethargic or absent minded etc. one should create an emotional feeling that you feel very strongly about. For example, anger is an easy emotion to bring to a rapid boiling point, especially when all you have to do is think of what they are trying to do to the people on this planet. Compassion and LOVE will also create a rapid alteration in your personal vibrational space.

In all the teachings man has learned throughout time, we have always been led to believe that there are only GOOD or BAD, RIGHT or WRONG etc. Unfortunately, there is much more to this than meets the eye, for there are varying degrees of right or wrong, good or bad. ONLY GOD has risen above all of these levels of understanding the real TRUTH, and "HE" cannot come down to US, WE therefore, must raise ourselves up towards "HIM". All "HE" can do is show us the way and ensure that all will be done to help those who wish to follow "HIM", as long as one lives to the COVENANT which we have with "HIM".

As of RIGHT NOW, we are entering into a very trying and confusing time indeed and at this point in time the war is working its way towards the active part of its climax.

Cautiously, the various groups have begun to instigate deployment of their strategies and already the counter strategies are making themselves evident.

The ONLY winners here will be, after all is said and done, those who make ascension


In this DIMENSION, it will appear that the "GOOD GUYS" are the Galactic Federation, and this is TRUE, at least when you compare them to the alternative. For all those who will make their choice and do not choose to follow the one and ONLY GOD, we hope that you at least choose the side of the Federation. Since the beginning of time the numbers and struggles of the Federation have increased, remember that they too (when they reached this point in their natural evolutionary process) had to make their FREE WILL CHOICE. Their souls have remained here under the control of "The Mind Controllers", those being the SIX members of the upper Galactic Federation Council. If you will recall, in a previous article, we wrote on the fact that an extremely lethal potential situation had arisen, one that would have involved the use of nuclear weapons. At that time, due to the severity of the situation these six mind controllers met on another planet of our Solar System, this being not a social gathering as one could well imagine.

Bear in mind, presently there are approximately 6 billion souls on this planet and each and every one of those mind controllers wish to get their share of the "Harvest". The more souls they are able entice to follow them, the greater the strength of their domain becomes, ultimately extending outward to other sectors of the Galaxy.

In periods of recent times, various Earth leaders have been approached and on each occasion received offer of help from these various groups. This is one way in which the Zeta's introduced themselves, always with their selfish motive, "they need people".

Here on Earth it was relatively straightforward for these groups to infect our societies, because here man's nature has been gearing up to be one of POWER over others. This was the catalyst that sparked the run for the NEW WORLD ORDER. These people began to follow and worship that which they hold higher than GOD himself, that being the false god of power and greed. These very same people are now caught in a real catch 22 situation that being, the fact they themselves in turn have been duped.

To make matters even more confusing for themselves, they find that there IS a GOD and "HE" has sent "HIS" people here to prepare and ready "HIS" people for the trials and tribulations that will shortly be upon us.

It was this reason why THE GRID was placed in position, to ensure that no outside influences could make entry before GOD has had the chance to prepare "HIS" people. IN a few months this GRID will be ripped apart by the very forces which gave it its strength, and at that time the real battle will begin in earnest.

"HE" also established the GRID to show others and to remind them that there truly is only ONE GOD. Because he is an all-loving GOD "HE" will not forsake ANY of his children, including those who may have in the past made mistakes and temporarily strayed from "HIM".

It is the test of the weight of the feather (see our previous article "A Given Sign") that will determine whether those who passed by the opportunity previously, will make ascension this time around, that being the END TIME.





The reason for the effort to lower our vibrational rate is to cause lethargy and absent-mindedness on A mass scale, thereby creating thicker "veils" for us to try and see through. If we cannot see what is happening, then it stands to reason we cannot take action.

For many years our environment has continued to be polluted, our air, our water and our food in effort to lower our vibrational rate. As the time gets closer for the False Prophet to make himself known, additional methods are being employed.

We observe in our skies, jet aero planes constructing fancy designs ultimately spreading out to become cloud-like formations. Dubbed "chemtrails", ( ) these formations consist of long-chain polymers in which can be embedded other organic or inorganic compounds, such as viruses and bacteria. On days when the atmospheric conditions are less than ideal, the mixture does not break into small particles as it falls from the planes, but falls as if spider webs are falling from the sky. See

These chemtrails (3) work on several levels. The first, and most direct, level is a lowering of the immune system by constant bombardment of the body by bacteria and viruses in the mix. To be taken into consideration in this direct attack, is the fact that some people are allergic to various compounds in the mix. The human body, already immune-lowered due to pollutants in our environment, is unable to cope with this extra bombardment and will eventually succumb to illness and perhaps even death. A lowered immune system is a lowered vibrational rate.

The second level on which the chemtrails work is through the brain. Worldwide, people are reporting memory loss as a symptom of the illness following chemtrail activity. Short-term memory is a function of the beta portion of the brain, and it could be that "beta-blockers", usually used for depression illnesses, are included in the mix.

For additional information on Beta Blockers see

A further veil therefore, is added to our already dimming sight.

A third, and more underhand attack, comes from the inclusion in the mix of a "DNA splicer", normally used in laboratories. Genetically engineered food is becoming more prevalent on our grocery store shelves, and the long-term effects of the DNA changes made in the food chain on the human body are as yet unclear. It has recently been found that the genetic changes do cross species, such as from crops to honey bees, and to the intestines of rats and mice.

Consider that we now have in our system a DNA splicer, which could cause the genetic changes from our food to alter our own DNA. In doing so, our vibrational rate could be easily lowered through a DNA alteration.

The fourth, even more obtuse attack is the inclusion in this cocktail of aluminium particles, which may be electrically charged. Consider the effect of the human body infused with these particles constantly in an environment of electrical waves, electromagnetic fields, microwaves and x-rays (especially with our sun being in high solar cycle). This will eventually lead to illness. Now consider the effect when a pulse is sent from such facilities as HAARP or Brookhaven Heavy Ion Collider, the end result could be mind-control on a mass scale.

So, as we have seen the chemical cocktail attacks humans on many fronts, affecting body and mind, in order to affect our "sight" and to make our discernment less than ideal. The False Prophet, therefore, will have a rather easier task in "leading the masses" once he makes himself known. His way has been paved.


The above, and previous information that we have disclosed is all that we are aware of at this point in time. However, should we receive any additional information, or events change due to unforeseen or other circumstances, then only then will we release such information. No further articles will be released on the site until the 13th September. Therefore, we wait and watch as events as advised above unfold. This will also enable us to use the time prudently to prepare our research in order for general publication, thus reaching those without access to the Internet


In addition, there is a possibility that the Pope MAY die prior to 13th SEPT. 2000, but in any event this will occur in the very near future. DO NOT be alarmed if this appears to be an unnatural event, as in reality will in fact be a natural event as his time has come to pass.

The new POPE will bring the downfall of the church and will leave ROME. This is the Third prophecy of FATIMA, that of the Pope leaving ROME in ruins, where he will head to the mountains where many will die and the church ultimately will be in ruins. His blood and theirs will indeed wash the EARTH, as it is the "offering" of blood.'

These events will occur as stated. They could occur prior to the event of the 13th Sept, but we do not know the exact time line. However, should any events occur before the 13th you will at least be prepared to understand this particular EVENT.


(1) Wormwood:

Wormwood, as we know it, originates from the bitter plant and the word has long been associated and employed figuratively for something bitter or unpleasant to experience, reflecting its best known characteristic, its taste. The Latin name for Wormwood is absinthium, and is known for its mood altering effects.

And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound

Revelation Chapter 8 Verses 11-13

(2) Ash-ram - Hindu

Sanskrit Asrama, from Srama a religious exercise.


1. A secluded swelling of a Hindu sage and the group of disciples instructed there.

2. A religious retreat.

(3) Chemtrail connection - for further information link to the following sites;

Howard Middleton-Jones (UK)

James M Wilkie (Canada)

Julie King (Australia)


-- We (, August 03, 2000


And all God's Chillun said, "We are all gwine die".

-- Banned Person (, August 03, 2000.

If you believe they put a man on the moon....

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