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Fans of CPR, worried that the number of postings by their hero have fallen so dramatically, can be reassured. No, he's not sick, it's just that he has been engaged in vital research. "I've uncovered seven new names, of people who were prepping in the fall of 1999. And believe me, I'm going to expose each and every one of these wretched fools!"

CPR is going to expose them one at a time, out of consideration for his readers. Otherwise, he fears, some readers may suffer health problems from indignation overload.

Thanks for your consideration, CPR, and I sure woudn't want to be in the shoes of any of those seven!

Andy Ray, looking for new worlds to conquer, is going to invade the EZ board TB forum, which will require disguising himself, since he has been banned. "A different name and new color will keep them guessing for a long time", he argues.

We sure hope so. Good luck, AR!!

New forum administrator Cherri has vowed to purge the forum of liars. Reportedly, the first to get the axe will be Toots, the forum's resident teeny-bopper. "That young lady has played fast and loose with the truth on more than one occasion" declared a grim Cherri. When informed of this decision, Toots was most upset, mainly because at TB Uncensored she felt intellectually at home. "Those kids in my junior high are all such nerdy brains, gag me with a spoon", wailed the distraught Toots.

On the next Sludge Report we dare to ask the question: Is Doc Paulie any relation to Papa Doc?

-- Matt Sludge (YouHeardIt@here.first), August 03, 2000


is this anyway, to treat your fellow american,s?? just can,t resist huh-huh!!--nee nee--noo-noo-na na!! cpr didn,t get enough OREO,S as a child,so now we all pay!!

-- al-d. (, August 03, 2000.

"CPR is going to expose them one at a time, out of consideration for his readers."

Oh don't be silly, please, you really don't need to be considerate. I won't hear of it, please be as inconsiderate as you like. In fact, I hope CPR will be so inconsiderate for his readers that he will just leave the forum for good. Think nothing of it, we can handle it, and will hold no grudges. :)

-- (i've had so much of cpr @ that i have cpr coming out. of my ass), August 03, 2000.

-- cpr (, August 03, 2000.

Very good link, CPR. You do have your moments. (I remember fondly another of your links, where Gary North was proclaiming himself Adam Smith II. Talk about a mordant laff riot.) The problem with you is that you are only that good about a tenth of the time.

-- Peter Errington (, August 04, 2000.

Who is this Peter joker, the Creeps' full-time ass-kisser? That's the second time he thanked him for the same stupid ass thread! Sheeesh, get a room!

-- (bunghole@butt.buddies), August 04, 2000.

Dear Bunghole:

I don't approve of someone who would deliberately try to bring down the country's banking system. So if CPR compares Gary North unfavorably to a shit-eating dog, it's fine with me.

-- Peter Errington (, August 04, 2000.

BTW bunghole: Pete has been here along time, r u a new troll? or an old troll.????

-- consumer (, August 04, 2000.

Mr. Errington, my shit-eating puppy resents that comparison.


-- Sal Monella (, August 04, 2000.

Shit eating snake is more like it. Far more dangerous than a dog.

Nice to see they let you have your keyboard again at the Rest Home Erring-boy. As usual, your mental constipation is evident.

-- cpr (, August 05, 2000.

cpr, is the previous post a fake or can you just not stand a compliment? No to worry, you'll not get one from me.

-- (, August 05, 2000.

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