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Allright i m back from whereever i was, so how is everybody doing i am just Peachy,*Opens a bottle guzzles the chill pills*, okay i am better, *inhales the air fiercely*, i just got this awsome new game for playstation its called, Gekido: Urban Fighters, i suggest you rent it ,its like a cross between, monster rancher, street fighter, and fnal fight. i just love this game, i might be visiting my aunt bymyself with my money from babysitting, $300+, andi it will be to California , to me it sounds like a good idea, well what have you been up to all of you....

-- Psycho x aka Bloodshed (, August 03, 2000


Didja get yer cast off yet? All broken bones all better???

-- Justice (, August 04, 2000.

Oh,....i musta forgot to tell ya its been off for a long time

-- Psycho_x (, August 06, 2000.

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