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What was the best wedding you've ever been to? Mine got described in detail here, but that was as much a weekend retreat as a wedding.

What was yours like? Or what will it be like? I've always thought, if I ever had another one, I'd love for it to be outdoors and relatively casual... (Quit looking at me like that. I've accepted the possibility that I might someday get married again. If I could get a date.)

-- Lisa (, August 03, 2000


Heehee! My brother Jon's second wedding was definitely fun. I got to take my boyfriend (at the time), and wore this fabulous lavender Jessica McLintock dress with opera length gloves (I still have it.) We stayed at the house belonging to the bride's parents, and were informed by my brother and fiance that we would probably end up sleeping seperately. Her parents laughed at the notion, and gave us the same room.

Later at the wedding, my mom nabbed me and my boyfriend, along with my eldest brother Mitch, plus another friend of Jon's. We went out in the back and had a smoke. No, it wasn't Malboro. Poor Jeremey (that is/was my bf) couldn't believe he was out there behind the gazebo with me and my family, plus the guy who had stuff - we later found out he was a Narcotics Officer.

The best part was when Jeremy turned to me and said, "I'm sorry, honey - you were right. Your mom really /is/ a sociopath."

-- Dayna (, August 04, 2000.

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