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Just as we predicted, world recession, gas shortages, water line problems, and power blackouts!

Los Angeles is not able to deliver the amount of power they normally need to get through the hot summer because they never fixed all of the embedded systems. Like the oil refineries, they thought they could manage it manually, but they can't be as efficient as the computerized systems were last year.

Hang on folks, it's only getting started! The worst is yet to come.

"The operator of the state power grid, California Independent Operator System (Cal-ISO), has declared a stage 2 emergency. Stage 2 means that the power supply is so drained that the only thing keeping residents from an electrical emergency is the fact that a select group of people are voluntarily shutting down their power."

-- (always@be.prepared), August 03, 2000


Please don't feed the trolls.

-- (_@_._), August 03, 2000.

This is very true. Y2K is happening much more gradually than most imagined because TPTB have concealed the problems and stalled it off, but the demand on the system is beginning to bring the real nature of the problems to the surface in a way in which it can no longer be hidden. The End Of The World As We Know it. (definitely different than last year!)

-- (we're@in.deep.shit), August 03, 2000.

I expected little problems to pop up for months that might or might not make the news. But I don't see why it's a given we'll soon be facing world recession, gas shortages, water line problems, and power blackouts when nothing major has happened so far.

It wouldn't hurt for folks in California to read that electricity article, though. And yes, it is a good idea to always be prepared for earthquakes, tornados, ice storms or anything else that comes along.

-- (skeptical@but.prepared), August 03, 2000.

Don't forget the Monsoons which will put Tokyo under water thus destroying the world banking systems after NYC goes under water because of the melting Polar Ice Caps. Next Iowa will send its Navy to take over both Japan and NY State. This will lead to counter measures from Nebraska and Minnesota. Jesse Ventura will not hesitate and will name Minnesota Smith as the Head of the Joint Chiefs for the action against Iowa. Meanwhile, Texas will close its borders to the fleeing Californians who will turn North to Colorado and totally ruin Denver and Aspen by throwing Dot Com money around.

-- cpr (, August 03, 2000.

We're all going to die.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), August 03, 2000.


(said in a whining voice) "but that's my only line".

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), August 03, 2000.


The world is going to end, eventually.

-- cpr (, August 03, 2000.

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

-- Patricia (, August 03, 2000.

Um...I've lived in California for 51 years. We get these every time we have a particularly hot summer. Nothing unusual here. Same traffic light failures, same brown outs, same power surges. That's the Dog Days of California.

-- Casey DeFranco (, August 03, 2000.

Just as we predicted, world recession, gas shortages, water line problems, and power blackouts!

You forgot to add:



-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), August 03, 2000.

This is very true. Y2K is happening much more gradually than most imagined because TPTB have concealed the problems and stalled it off, but the demand on the system is beginning to bring the real nature of the problems to the surface in a way in which it can no longer be hidden.

-- CD (, August 03, 2000.

CD, that gives a whole new meaning to "a picture is worth a thousand words". LOL!

"Hmm", I thought it was just *me* who sensed a kind of "hope" in this post and the one by "Be patient" on another thread. I just don't understand it; you'd think these people would be ecstatic with the way everything turned out. Oh well.

-- Patricia (, August 03, 2000.

Everything didn't turn out OK. Everything will turn out okay when society falls apart and all the greedy assholes have to shovel shit for a living.

Then I'll be happy.


-- (burning@down.the house), August 03, 2000.

Spoken like a real loser.....

Practice makes perfect!!


-- Deano (, August 03, 2000.

Spoken like someone who is blind because he has his head up his ass. Practice makes for a perfect fit, right Deano?

-- (yuppie@scum.sucker), August 03, 2000.

Jealousy is not a good trait lil' dude!

You reek of it.


-- Deano (, August 03, 2000.

and you reek of shit.


-- (, August 03, 2000.

THAT'S the best you could come up with?????

You are certainly one of the more eloquent doomer/losers to surface yet.

At least you didn't argue to being jealous.......that's almost admirable..

Gay?? Trust me lil' dude, I wouldn't fuck you, I'd fuck you up. With luck, our paths may cross one day.


-- Deano (, August 03, 2000.

bring it on pussy!

i'll crush your fucking skull to a pulp!

-- (deano.the@loudmouth.faggot), August 03, 2000.

It must be the heat.

-- Casey DeFranco (, August 03, 2000.

Naw, Casey, it's our heritage here.

Scrap central. But funner & more 'nlitnin' than.. uh.. oh, let's just say you had to be there.

-- lisa (, August 03, 2000.

Oh my! Mighty tough talk for an anonymous lil' geek. Turds like you are a dime a dozen my friend. Little freaks that sit at their PC all day dreaming of being a real man. I can tell you don't stand a chance in hell of that ever happenning.

Like I said junior, maybe our paths will cross one day.......


-- Deano (, August 04, 2000.

hey, you're the loudmouth wussy that sits at his computer all day looking for someone to call a loser because you're too much of a fag to say it to their face. you feel pretty tough sitting at your computer, but if you'd like to call me a loser to my face i'll be happy to crush your skull.

-- (deano.the.tough.guy@in.his.dreams), August 04, 2000.

did not!

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), August 04, 2000.

did too!

-- CD (, August 04, 2000.

did not!<>

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), August 04, 2000.

Crush my skull? Who said comedy was dead????

Jax Beach, FL. Been here all my life. Most know who Deano is thru baseball (a man's game you could not possibly be familiar with). Look me up the next time you're in town. It would be some real cheap entertainment and only a few minutes out of my day teaching you some manners lil' dude. Twerps like you crack me up!!!


-- Deano (, August 04, 2000.

I'm tellin :-0

-- consumer (, August 04, 2000.


-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), August 04, 2000.

Deano- Maybe you could use him as a fungo bat. By the way, if I could have had any profession in the world, pro baseball player would have been right up there at #2 on my list.

hmmm- NUH UH!!!

consumer (aka "4-eyes")- go ahead and tattle ya big baby! but don't plan on walking to school with US this year!

-- CD (, August 04, 2000.

(when does school start again?)

Oh yeah..........NYAHH.

-- Patricia (, August 04, 2000.

poopoo heads.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), August 04, 2000.

To CD:

Sticks & Stones may break my bones, but 4 eyes are better n 2,

so, nana nana boo boo to you doo doo breath :-)

hmm: I aint no tattletale but so and so said you are an eggface so take that (as sumer sticks out her tongue and rolls eyes)!!

tooo damn funny

-- consumer (, August 04, 2000.


As entertaining as that would be, I'm thinking this individual could serve no purpose at all for anything whatsoever.

"Baseball is life" - truer words were never spoken. The Boys of October are only a couple months away!!

My little guys (Jax Beach 11 yr old All-Stars) lost the city championship this year 1-0 on a passed ball. Talk about a heartbreaker!! Team Jax (that beat us) went on to win the State and are currently in Memphis (??) competing in the Regionals for a chance at the Little League World Series. Oh well, maybe next year.......


-- Deano (, August 04, 2000.


Give the boys my best. It may be heartbreaking now, but it's still dang good for them to have been out there, and fun too.

Better luck next year,


-- Someone (, August 04, 2000.

Christ Almighty! Thank you for this humor! I am LOL!

-- Church Fan (, August 04, 2000.

LOL!! No wonder you're such a loudmouth fag!

ROTFL!!! Baseball player!! Haaaahaaahaaaahaaa!!!

Get a grip wussy boy, baseball players are fags that like to spit tobacco and grab each other's asses! Of all professional sports athletes, they are in the worst physical condition. Nothing but a bunch of fat, flabby, slow, stupid loudmouths that can barely run from one base to another without losing their breath. Golfers are even in better shape.

You make me laugh, loudmouth. I know your type, all mouth and no guts. You may be able to swing a bat, but let's go hand to hand like REAL men do. I'll crush your stupid fricking skull to a bloody pulp and finally stop that shit from flowing out of your bragging mouth.

-- (, August 04, 2000.

I know your type, all mouth and no guts.

Imagine the dental bills.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), August 04, 2000.

'ello Miss.


Sorry-have a cold.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), August 05, 2000.


BTW, how DID you know they 'used' to call me 4-eyes ? Serious question, ROFL.........I was also LAST pick at sports. (sumer, trying hard not to be seen weeping, leaves the room)


xoxo, sumer

-- consumer (, August 05, 2000.

Got a deal for ya Deano. Gimme your lunch money for a year and this dude will be off your ass.

-- Fat Freddy ($$@$.$), August 05, 2000.

Just goes to show what an idiot pig you are fatass. You would defend someone who makes personal attacks against others just to feed your face. Disgusting.

Fatasses are easy to beat, you kick them in the balls and they drop like a rock. ;-)

-- (fatass.freddy@disusting.pig), August 06, 2000.

We in CBS Marketing are proud to announce that, thanks to this thread, we have now chosen the first two "house guests" for our blockbuster series, Big Brother II. Please leave your blood type and next-of-kin information with the receptionist.

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), August 06, 2000.

Sumer scratches head wanders 'aimlessly around thread looking for receptionist.....not finding receptionist wanders up to the last post and innocently proclaims "Um my blood type is A positive, I'd really like a small part in the movie I need money to go to Vegas".

"oh and can you tell me when the movie will be aired?"

I will leave my resume, is it okay if i leave it with you ^^^^


xoxo, sumer

-- consumer (, August 06, 2000.

Sumer, You may have been last pick for sports, but I'll bet some lucky guy found out that you excel at the indoor variety!

-- Wonderin (about@lots.of.stuff), August 06, 2000.

And um, your point would be? ^^^^^^

Come on now, play fair and give the answer.

xoxo, sumer

-- consumer (, August 06, 2000.

I think Wonderin was trying to comfort you since you were sad about being picked last, but what people lack in one area they make up for in others.

-- (just@being.nice), August 06, 2000.

Just, thanks I think? :-)

As for lack, guess wonderin IS correct, I was NO sports person, last time I attempted to play volleyball I was 24 and ended up with busted lip. How's that for some things never change? :-0

Strange how I could never acheive (sp?) at sports, but had no problem speaking my heart and mind....

Me thinks when God was passing out speech me thought he said teach and I asked for seconds? ROFL....completed w/foot in mouth disease.

xoxo, sumerous

-- consumer (, August 06, 2000.

Thanks, Just, that was my objective.

I wore glasses since the fourth grade and was relegated to the "rookes" in summer baseball due to vision problems that made catching a baseball difficult. It is a big letdown for young people and can affect their future self-image and performance unless wise adults point out and enhance their strengths. Fortunately I, like many others, turned out to have many other talents.

-- Wonderin (about@it.all), August 06, 2000.

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