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-- cpr (, August 02, 2000



-- cpr (, August 02, 2000.


-- cpr (, August 02, 2000.


-- al-d. (, August 02, 2000.

You don't do English or American either. What else is new?

-- cpr (, August 02, 2000.

Al, go to this link Alta Vista's Babelfish Translation Engine (it's free).

Click the button next to the Website field and insert the URL from that page. Then click "translate".

It's not perfect (and some of the translations are downright hilarious because they are literal), but it will help you (mostly) understand what they're talking about.

-- Patrizia (, August 02, 2000.

It won't help him or most of the Doomzies one bit. Its "technical".

-- cpr (, August 02, 2000.

To Mr. al d,

Lucky for you that there is a teeny-bopper on the scene who is studying Italian and who is really good.

What that piece says is "After busting our ass (assinino) to solve the Y2K problem, doing things unknown to the rest of the world (assinino cpr mas grandissimo), the Italian computer indusrtry is ready to resume its upward trajectory."

-- Toots (rootie@toot.toot), August 02, 2000.

so-a who-a gives-a squata!!

-- al-d. (, August 02, 2000.

haha Al

youre funny tonight

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), August 02, 2000.

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