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On the WB BB someone says their friend had a set visit to ER this week and was told that Carter won't be appearing until the third episode of the season! That doesn't make much sense. I think fans would go crazy if a main character was out of the picture during the season premiere.

-- Beth (, August 02, 2000


I thought Noah told a reporter that the first episode would show Carter in rehab. The first, not the third. Even if this was true Noah does deserve a break. He's been in every episode since missing "Middle Of Nowhere" back in the 5th season. So he does deserve a break if you ask me.

-- Cammie (, August 02, 2000.

They probably mean that Carter won't be going back to work until the third episode. The first two will show him in rehab.

-- Julia (, August 02, 2000.

Or it's possible that Noah meant that *HIS* first episode had him back in rehab (ie, his first episode not necessarily being *the* first episode of the season) On second thought... if Carter's episode was all about him in rehab (a la the all-Peter episode from a couple seasons back, or the all-Mark episode) I think fans could handle the wait. Also, the show is an ensemble show. Carter had a huge chunk of storylines at the end of last season. And there are other characters (Luka, Abby, etc) who need their own storylines and development. It would be only fair to let them have their screen time too.

-- Beth (, August 02, 2000.

Several reliable sources plus Noah himself in a interview with Access Hollywood have said that the new season starts with Carter in rehab for one episode that seems like 90 days. Noah said in his AH interview that the new season begins right where it left off with Carter going to detox in a rehab center. Mitchell fink and Army Archerd who are both reliable sources have said that the the new season begins with Carter in rehab. He will be in rehab one episode. Also when AH interviwed NOah ,they said that Noah has already reported back to work. The Mitchell Fink column said the same thing. They are currently shooting the premeire. I am going to take the word over of what Noah and several reliable publications say about the premeire than what some person friend said when she visited the set. The friend was only on the set fow two hours and got to see a few scenes being shot. She got no spoilers based on what I read. I doubt they were going to give any to her on the set as well. Her friend may have have misunderstood what was said at the set. Which is understandable because she was probably very excited to be oon the set. Also the friend might have turned around and misundersttod what her friend told her as well. Noah simply miight not have been on the set that day because he has no scenes to shoot. This is not uncommon.

All of Carter's scenes in the premeire will not have any of his normal ER cast mates in the scenes. I imagine most of his scenes will be shot over a few days instead of the eight days required to shoot one episode. Since Carter is only going to be in rehab for one episode (premeire) per Noah himself , I think we may see Carter return to work in the second episode as well. He may not have a large prescence in the episode. He could show up and only work a few hours. We could also just see Mark/Kerry etc talk to Carter about the terms of his return the first several months back. This way his interaction with the staff would be minimal. We could see Carter the whole episode at county or none at all. I guess we will find out soon. I'll see what future spoilers and episode descriptions says.

-- Brenda (, August 02, 2000.

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