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My dealer claims that my bike should be arriving in a few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone is familiar with installing alarm systems on Stradas.

I know that Datatool makes an MV specific Veto Evo, but I don't live in the UK or anywhere in the EU. Is it available in the US?

Has anyone tried installing the Scorpio or Ungo systems? What I'm really looking for is a compact and loud alarm with an immobilizer, remote paging, anti-hijacking function, and rolling codes.

Lastly, will putting an alarm system on the MV void any warranty? According to the Ducati faq, Cagiva used to void Ducati warranties for modifications of the wiring harness. Does anyone know if Cagiva has carried this over to their MV line?

-- Tom (, August 01, 2000


Afraid I only know about the Datatool Evo model specific. I have just had this fitted to my new F4S. The fitting was carried out by my MV dealer (it had to be) and the warranty is therefore fully valid as a result. The alarm/immobiliser is very good and can be expanded to also include the Datatool pager device. As a guide the cost was #365 inclusive of tax and fitting.

-- Dave P (, August 03, 2000.

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