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If God were to become a man, what kind of man would He be? If God is all powerful, would He become a tyrant? If God is all-knowing and He could see into your heart, how would He treat you if He met you? If your knew everything about somebody, how would you treat them? If God is Holy (purity to the ultimate degree) and became a man, how would He deal with people like us?

John 4:1-26

v. 1 - Pharisees represent the establishes religion of hte day.

v. 2 - Lest people say - You weren't baptized by the Master, I was, so that makes me better. He wouldn't allow that kind of system.

v. 4 - "had to" - something that's necessary because of hte nature of things, a word of obligation and responsibility....says there's a plan working behind the scenes.

v. 5 - "Sychar" - greek literal is city of drunkards. He's gone to the nation that's despised and to the worst place there.

v. 6 - "sitting thus" - He sat there in His weariness; He was tired. This sets the setting. "sixth hour" = noon jewish time

v. 7 - In those days they normally drew water at daybreak. Why was she drawing water in the heat of the day? Possibly because she was a social outcast. In the nation of illigetimates, in this city of drunkards, there is a mental social elitism that says - "we're better than you." Don't have the attitude of superiority. Why does Jesus Christ ask her for a drink? He's thirsty, and He wants to start a conversation around things she understood. He's asking her to give Him something that she has the power to give, and He in turn can give her something only He has the power to give.

v. 9 - Jews and Samaritans had nothing to do with each other. It was seen as very wrong for a man to have any dealings with a Samaritan woman. He violated the whole social standard of the day. Also - she, as an outcast, is immediatly on guard, cautious.

v. 10 - "if you knew" - here we come to the point of enlightenment. "the gift" - What do you do to receive a gift? Take it - Be willing to reach out, open your hand, and receive the gift. "and who" - you not only have to know the gift; you have to know the giver. You can't take the gift and ignore the giver. "living water" - a term used by OT prophets to talk about eternal life (Is 55, Jn 7:37-39)

v. 11 - She's thinking in physical terms. Jesus Christ speaks to the woman at the well in terms of respect. She in turn calls Him "sir."

v. 14 - "never" - 7 nevers in the book of John that Jesus says if you believe in Him will never happen

v. 15 - She's going to begin to have her eyes opened. Enlightenment is truth and sometimes truth hurts.

v. 16 - Spiritual surgury requires that people be unmasked. When God performs spiritual surgury, He never uses anesthetic.

v. 17 - She tries to brush if off, tries to evade the subject.

vs 17, 18 - Jesus basically tells her - You can't hide from Me, you can't escape Me.

v. 19 - She evades again at Jesus' response. She evades in a way that appears not to be an evasion by bringing up a theological discussion. She tries to talk about spiritual things to get away from things that aren't so pointed as relates to her. ex. - "Where did Cain get his wife?" That's not even relevant, has nothing to do with your salvation. "If God is a loving God, why....." also irrelevant.

v. 20 - She's trying to steer the conversation elsewhere, it's uncomfortable - let's not go there...let's duscuss religion and some questions I've had. She's doing what we do - evade. Do you ever stop to consider the woman? Jesus Christ sees the broken dreams, the scarred and wounded soul, the tears, and hurt and pain in her life, just like He does you. The failure's not the issue, it's the damage that it's done - Ro 6:23 - "the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life". If the wages of a child running in front of a car is death, what do you say? Well the child ought to die? No, you say rescue the child.

v. 21 - Jesus says that's not the issue. It's not where you worship, but the motivation.

v. 22 - an area of ignorance and blindness in her worship...she was seeking but not finding...true of most of the "religions" throughout the world. Worship doesn't depend on the environment, on your location, on who you're with. Worship doesn't occur outside of you. It's not somehing someone can give you. It's only something you can offer. The opportunity for worship is always there. Worship is a test that reveals what is in your soul. Worship is nonexistant apart from the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Worship in "Spirit and truth" - v. 24

v. 23 - Jesus hates false worship

v. 24 - i.e. - you have to come into His system, you have to be enlightened

v. 26 - "I AM" = Lord = Jehovah. Eight times in the gospel of John, Jesus applies this title to Himself. He was saying - I meet the qualifications of prohecy. 330+ prophecies fulfilled. A few are- time of birth, place of birth, born of a virgin, His betrayal, His crucifixion, He would be scourged, beaten and mocked

v. 28 - She goes to the men, because they were the only ones who would associate with her. She's not trying to force it , but saying - Is this the Christ? Could He be the One? Go look for yourself...Give Him a hearing...look to Him and find out.

Acts 16:31 - Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.

-- (, August 01, 2000



-- al-d. (, August 02, 2000.

The Old testament (sp?) God would probably be pissed to high-heaven with all of here in USA--I'm quite sure. He'd send down all sorts of natural disasters to show us who is still in charge! Oh, wait, he's doing that already.

The New testament (sp?) God would probably feel bad for us all and decide that the "Great Experiment" is over and we lost. "Poof" Time to start over... This time: No Free Will, damn it!


-- Not now, not like this (, August 02, 2000.

verse 14-will you list the 7 "nevers"?

-- Lars (, August 02, 2000.

sure Lars

"Never" in the Greek literal means absolutly, unequivicly, without any question, no doubt, NEVER EVER!

7 nevers for the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ

1. Jo 4:14 - never thirst. If you recieve eternal life, you will never thirst for it again.

2. Jo 6:35 - never hunger and never thirst. Eternal life mentioned 6 times in this chapter - vs. 35, 40, 47, 51, 54, 58

3. Jo 6:37 - never cast out. Jesus Christ will never reject you.

4. Jo 8:51 - you will never see death

5. Jo 8:52 - you will never taste death

6. Jo 10:28 - never perish. also vs. 29, 30. The believer is held in God's hand and He will never let you go.

7. Jo 11:26 - never die. Death for the believer is jsut a door that leads home.

-- (, August 02, 2000.

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