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I haven't left and I haven't stopped posting under my old faithful handle. The fucking troll who tried to convince you otherwise just doesn't have the balls to take me on one on one. Well troll, it isn't gonna work.

Have I ever run from a fight? NO! And I'm not running now. You polly assholes want me-come and get me! Dipshits punks and cunts-that's all they are. They must still be mad about all those arguments they lost!


The REAL Hawk

-- Hawk (flyin@hi.again), August 01, 2000


Sysop, stop deleting my messages! I am posting under anonymizer because while you were out picking knits outta your hair we were attacked by another sysop who emailed a bunch of ip information to people. THAT will not happen to ol' Hawk again-you can bet your ass!

The REAL Hawk

-- Hawk (flyin@hi.again), August 01, 2000.

Hawk,that can't be You posting.....If You are,why all the crud??

-- dudley O (, August 01, 2000.

Is this a spin-off of that Jim Carey movie?

-- LunaC (, August 01, 2000.


-- give it a rest Hawk (no@one.cares), August 01, 2000.

Nice couple. Two Hawks for the price of zip.

The two of them together barely have the Pt142 IQ. Add in Shakey and they might total Point 2.

-- cpr (, August 01, 2000.

Hey Charlie, at that rate and by my computations, we would need 14,200 combined Hawks in order to have a normal functioning (but not particularly bright) person.

-- Butt Nugget (, August 01, 2000.


You seem to be the only one who believed me when I announced last night that I was going undercover. I have been at work all day and I don't usually post during the day. All of the posts since my announcement thread with the name Hawk are the troll, not me, but many people still haven't figured out that I was serious. I never used anonymizer and I'm sure the sysop can confirm this, that is why he/she has been deleting some of these stupid troll messages. In any event, I am going to remaing incognito using a different name and address every time, so the troll will get no attention by trying to copy my undercover posts. You'll just have to use your heads to decide which one is me. I do not insult people unless they earn it.

-- you know who (different@next.time), August 01, 2000.

Gosh! Ceeper!

And here I thought you didn't like me. Well that's OK! I like you. But just in small doses. I hate to admit it...But a little of your wit (if what you display is wit) goes a long way. But LOL! You do have charater; maybe that of a skunk! But charater none the less. Too bad we could not hit it off; since I will be making several trips to big D trying to set up small enterpise myself. I'd of liked to have bought you lunch!

"As for me...I shall finish the Game"!


-- Shakey (in_a_bunker@forty.feet), August 01, 2000.

>> I do not insult people unless they earn it. <<

Well. A sure-fire method to figure out the phony Hawk from the one true (now-non-)Hawk. At last!

So, how do we know when you (the Hawk who is no longer "Hawk") thinks someone has "earned" your verbal abuse? Will you publish a catalog, like the S&H Green Stamp Catalog, so we can see who has earned sufficient points to get called a "cunt"? Then the abused can redeem their points for various kinds of abusive names?

This could get very interesting!

-- Brian McLaughlin (, August 02, 2000.


-- al-d. (, August 02, 2000.


You're acting really dumb. As I have said a million times before, all you have to do is look farther back into the post to see what that person said to me first, then you will understand my response. Just because I use words that get people's attention to make it perfectly clear that I don't tolerate insensitivity, I exaggerate their own behavior right back at them. Cin is an insensitive cunt bitch, and I will continue to call her exactly what she is until she changes. I cannot change other people by pretending they are nice, they have to change themselves, and the first step toward change is awareness. I hope you will start to think from now on before you shoot off with your stupid trollish remarks. Good day. :-)

-- consciousness raiser (not@a.troll), August 02, 2000.

This DIPSHIT ASSHOLE is starting to piss me off! You all know me=you know WHO I am, HOW I post-do I have to start posting with big text again to make my point? Sheeeeeesh!

Listen, Creeper, Andy Gay, cin-whoever the fuck you are-this WILL NOT work. My audience knows and loves me.

The REAL Hawk

-- Hawk (flyin@hi.again), August 02, 2000.

In all fairness, it is difficult to ascertain which, if either, is the real Hawk. As I suggested before, if the real Hawk would simply refrain from the profanities for just a short time, the troll will likely get bored and leave.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), August 02, 2000.

"my audience"

I doubt if anything could be added to that to make it more hilarious than it already is all by itself.

Laughing that hard first thing in the morning is one helluva way to start the day.


-- Deano (, August 02, 2000.

The REAL Hawk is fairly clever with HTML. Say it with pictures Hawkster. Please, no hamsters.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), August 02, 2000.

"You all know me=you know WHO I am, HOW I post-do I have to start posting with big text again to make my point? Sheeeeeesh!"

The real Hawk never uses an equal sign between 2 words with no spaces. That looks like an Al-D problem.

-- (i.notice@these.things), August 02, 2000.

Bite me. I'm still a 29.5.

Why is the sky green?

-- lisa (can'', August 02, 2000.

hawk, must you use my name in EVERY single one of your posts? you are acting obsessed. it's time to get on with your life (without me in it). {chuckle, giggle} =)

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), August 02, 2000.

So Cin=Laura, which we always knew, but this Hawk imposter: Laura, too?

-- lisa (, August 03, 2000.

you've got to be kidding me

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), August 03, 2000.

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