Please do not submit for Camel Try : LUSENET : MAME Action Replay : One Thread

high score features and initial entering are not yet working correctly for this game. please do not submit until a beta version where these features are operational. scores of anyone doing so before this point will be deleted.

thank-you for your cooperation,

Q.T.Quazar, MARP Rules Coordinator

-- Q.T.Quazar (, August 01, 2000


Sorry I meant please do not submit for Camel Try (US version), or cameltru in other words. Camel Try (Japan) works fine. My bad. SUbmit away on cameltry, but not cameltru.

These sets will be split into beginner, expert, and special when I get ahold of Pat.


-- Q.T.Quazar (, August 01, 2000.

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