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I have a C&G mortgage which I have had for 2 years with no problems. Due to work problems I fell behind for 1800 (4 payments) over a 6 month period, but have now made the last two payments on time and as I have a new job and I can continue to do so.

I have had a debt councilor who was assigned by C&G visit yesterday but all he appeared to be interested in was how much the house was worth, how many bathrooms, how many reception rooms etc..??

He went away suggesting to offer #80 month extra to repay debt. Was there another reason for his call ?

Should I be worried? Does anybody have any case studdies as to how the C&G behave in these circumstances. I have two boys and a girl so dont want to loose house.

Any help much appreciated.

-- Dave Phillips (, July 31, 2000


It may be that C&G is more interested in repossessing you than bearing with any arrears. Equally, it may merely be an attempt to frighten you. I've checked our records and unfortunately don't have much on C&G's requirements of debt counsellors.

C&G (and, by extension, Lloyds TSB) promote aggressive treatment of borrowers who fall into arrears. This is publicly called Active Arrears Management but in a conversation with a member of C&G staff it was clear that internally they are consider its emotional consequences for the borrower to be of less importance than its financial consequences for the C&G.

It might help to name the counsellor and the company they work for. There are some who's practices we disapprove of, others that are clearly genuine.


-- Lee (, August 02, 2000.

Watch out.

Dave, I'm not an expert on this subject but I have been there. I got into arrears with my mortage some time ago. My lender was the Leeds and Holbeck and they insisted that I see one of their debt counsellors. He came round and poked about like yours did, offered me no advice etc. Then I discovered this website and decided to do some checking of my own. Here's the kicker the chances are your Lender has just charged you for that visit. L&H added #125 to my debt for the pleasure of having to put up with this little man poking around my house and my financial affairs. When I found this out I demanded to see the report that he had compilied during that visit.

After a battle and me quoting the data protection act at them they decided that I did have the right to see the report. It made interesting reading. On that form were questions like state of the house? Finacial statements? Photo of property.

It dawned on me that I had paid for them to send someone round to spy on me. They said they were liasing between the BS and myself but that just wasn't true. They were working for their client and I was the sucker paying for it.

So be warnd you can request the report that he has complilied on you despite what the C&G will tell you. You can also refrain from these visits, tell them you don'twant anymore.

It might be worth you checking it out at anyrate. Good luck and stick to your guns, there are a lot of lenders out there that try to bully people. You have to be strong, grit your teeth and find out as much info as you can. I did and it worked for me. Hope this helps some. regards, Jenne.

-- Jenne Davies (, August 03, 2000.

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