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And if you go a little into the links back on Yo-yo Ickes pages, you get an online chapter in which one of the "authors" of this so-called book claims, she was first jumped (as a child).... by one G. Ford, President of the US.

QUOTE: "...That night, I wore my Catholic uniform as instructed and went into a dissociative trance as my father drove me to the local National Guard Armory where I was prostituted to Ford."..........UNQUOTE


-- cpr (, July 31, 2000


And the 'author' is clearly bi-partisan, she gets to the current President's husband also:

LINK- to-Porno-Slime

"Well, come on in," Houston invited. "I have enough (cocaine) to put us all into orbit." I walked into the dressing room with them as Houston was saying to Clinton, "I suppose there are no limits for you since you're across the (state) line."

"What line?" Clinton feigned suprise and ignorance. He looked at Hal Meadows as he continued, "You mean I've left that state of mine? In the state of mind I'm in, there are no boundaries anyway." He walked over to the table and snorted a line of...."


-- cpr (, July 31, 2000.

I read the Icke story on the other board and found that 99% of the many responses ridiculed Icke.

-- James Donald (, July 31, 2000.

Ridiculed Icke but not the SLIME.

-- cpr (, July 31, 2000.

Keep wading through there and you'll have shit permanently stuck between your toes : )

-- capnfun (, July 31, 2000.

Can't get enough, eh CPR?

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), July 31, 2000.

KoFE, if there were more websites where the DOOMZIES from Stink Bomb congregated, I'd be on ALL of them. I NEED all doomzies all the time. This IS my life, moron!

-- cpr (, July 31, 2000.

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