Oh yes

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-- I want (more@big.text), July 31, 2000


now this is uncalled for.

but it is an uncensored forum.

-- i know (who@you.are), July 31, 2000.

Fucking asshole!

-- (you@suck.dick), July 31, 2000.

Thanks for the reminder friend! I do enjoy big text, so easy on the eyes. To all the jerks who are going to accuse me, save your breath, I did not start this thread. But I like it. Change, as Martha Stewart would say, "is a GOOD thing"! :)

-- Hawk (the original @ BIG TEXT. MAN), July 31, 2000.

Of course in my case it does not present any problems because I have the wheel on my middle mouse button. Those who complain probably don't have this option, so they whine because they have to scroll a little more. A little excercise won't kill you, or maybe you could shell out a whopping $15 for an Intellimouse.

-- Hawk (flyin@hi.again), July 31, 2000.

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