well water contamination

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Wondering if anyone has had a problem with well water going gray, then cloudy, then full of gravel. Reading other responses makes me think the well walls are caving in? It's 300 ft. down, then another 300 feet to our house--on a hill--thanks for any/all responses, questions. If you have had this problem, how did you solve it? thanks again. Water has been cloudy in the past, but not full of gravel. At one point, it was clear as a bell.

-- Gloria (mistymt@theofficenet.com), July 30, 2000


I would say your water level has dropped near the bottom of well shaft, and your'e drawing out faster than it can refill itself, hence the gravel. Drastically cut back on your water use and see if it doesn't stop going grey, etc. That should be an easy test, unfortunately it means you got to use less water all the time or drill deeper to a bigger water table. Good luck , Annie in Beallsville, OH.

-- Annie M. Miller (annie@1st.net), September 25, 2000.


The other message could be what is happening.

How old is the well?

Who installed the casing?

If you have access to any of that information get the driller out to measure the depth of the water both static and pumping levels. If the well level has not dropped then you could have a problem with the pump or the screen or your aquifer. hard to say without some more info.


-- Chris (wtp5@tcsn.net), December 22, 2000.

The other point she made was the water not being able to fill faster than being pumped out. This could mean that you have a pump size larger than the output of the well. Another suggestion to ask the driller.

-- Chris (wtp5@tcsn.net), December 22, 2000.

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