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I have heard rumors that Atlas or Kato is looking to produce a model of the EMD SD-35 in HO scale. (Atlas already has one out in N scale) Can anyone tell me if such a model can be easily converted into a Seaboard SDP-35? Photographs show that only a boxy rear section needs to be added to the end of the long hood and steam generator vents and exhausts added to its top. Do the frames need to be lengthened as well? Are there any other details that need to be added?

-- John V. Pasquariello (GRIZZLETOAD@AOL.COM), July 30, 2000


Speaking of the Atlas N-Scale SD-35, coming this October there will be an ACL version in Black, Silver, & Yellow. Numbers will be 1014, and 1021.

-- Carey Stevens (, August 01, 2000.

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