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BOSTON (AP) -- Before Shannon O'Connell left
to work for a non-profit agency in Romania,
she piled her possessions intoa U-Haul storage
facility for safe keeping.

Today, almost all are gone, auctioned by U-Haul
of Boston for $400.

O'Connell is suing for $1 million, alleging
that after a credit card glitch, U-Haul sold
almost everything she owned without contacting
her or any of the relatives she listed on her
rental application.

. . .

Romania's crippled infrastructure prevented
her from getting mail or using phone service
for months. When she came home for Christmas,
she noticed U-Haul had stopped billing her
credit card account for the storage. When she
called, she was told her possessions had been
sold to pay a past bill.

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-- spider (, July 30, 2000

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