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THAT GOD LOVES YOU!![just like you is]that LOVE overcomes all fault,s! that the=FREE-GIFT,of eternal-life-is offered to ALL who simply BELIEVE!!--or do you think-you can clean up your act enough to get GOD to love you??[never-happen]the act-was done on the cross! don,t screw it up-being =religious!GRACE=un-merited favor!! when=JESUS said''it-is-finished''it was finished!! GOD don,t need your help!!-just =believe & recieve!! the=ONLY thing,we can give GOD is faith in HIS PROMISES! NOW with that good-news.DOES ANYONE WANNA JOIN MY=DUCK-CLUB?? just think-no need for money,anymore-everything will be ducky!! all the rich-greedy people will have to DUCK-for us!!

-- al-d. (, July 30, 2000

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