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what is common with those who are y2k saavy

"We are the "Chosen Ones". The "Spiritual Ones". We are "Special".

We are a very small precentage of the population that looks deeper into things than the average person. Because we are GI's and have prepared, we will be the ones who will rebuild a world devastated by Y2K. We will prevail, because we have been "Chosen by Our Creator to help save the human race".

I consider myself and my wife very teachable. I read one of Gary North's newsletter advertisements about Y2K and immediately believed it and started planning for Y2k.

I took out all of my retirement savings out of the bank and bought silver Morgan dollars at $6.45 each.

They have increased in value to $9 each and will probably skyrocket next year. A great retirement is waiting for me thanks to Gary North!!!!! THANK YOU GARY NORTH!!!!!!!!

-- freddie (, November 10, 1999. "

"We all detest "spin" and can smell it a mile away. A sense of honor is at the forefront. To others we seem "driven," almost in a fanatical sort of way to seek answers, sort of like Richard Dreyfuss in the movie "Close Encounters" as he is hauling mud and sand into his living room to construct a replica of Devils Tower as his family and neighbors watch in disbelief.

Also, I believe we all abhor the Commander-in-Briefs!

-- (, November 10, 1999. "

"It's been said that about 80% of the population has a hard time "visualizing" something.

For example, as learned in my computer imaging days, if customers/ consumers are making changes to their landscape or remodeling a home, contractors find blueprints don't cut it. Most people can't extrapolate the "big picture" from a few blue lines. They need help in "seeing" what the final result will look like. Hence we have artist renderings and/or photo-realistic images... to "show" them a possible "future."

Think... "a picture is worth a thousand words."

I've also observed, from my teaching days, that peole learn differently.

Some are again, visual, and "get it" through reading. Others require sound... an auditory understanding, for example... live lectures/ video/TV presentations. Still others need to feel the "kinesthetics" of a place or an idea. They are more tactile in getting a concept. For example, you don't "know" what velvet feels like until you actually experience it.

I suspect, then, that most people who "get" Y2K easily, also have an easy time visualizing.

As a close second, the actual "experience" and memory of going through a crisis situation... like participating in the evacuation of a whole town due to incoming forest fires... or living through a big earthquake, etc.... leaves one with a "heightened" sense of what "being prepared..." for the unexpected... can mean. (Or not... for some).

Perhaps our commonality is "we've lived life..." and would like to continue doing so.



-- Diane J. Squire (, November 10, 1999. "

"There are many similarities running through this thread in those GIs posting, and I share them with you all. I was a child prodigy and always considered "different" by my own family and my peers. I could see a situation and see how it could be improved, could see the interconnectedness of the parts to the whole, and had what the child psychologist who tested me called an extraordinary ability to visualize and project, and what he called a great imagination therefore.

-- Elaine Seavey (, November 10, 1999."

"The DGI's I know are DWGI's. They are DWGI about everything. I call them "The It Can't Happen Here Crowd".

My observation about them is that they refuse to consider possibilities other than the common thinking, because they are afraid to be simultaneously in the minority and wrong.

So I would say that what GI's have in common is a willingness to be both in the minority and wrong, so long as they have the opportunity to examine the facts and make up their own minds (which they enjoy doing).

-- GA Russell (, November 10, 1999. "

(I think they forgot they were all born SUCKERS.....) LOL!

-- Doubt It? DON'T! (don'!), July 29, 2000


OH MY! Can't forget this one:


You and I are walking through the desert. We happen upon a glass of water. You eye it and say, "The glass is half full." I respond, "Looks half empty to me." We argue the point until I suddenly pick up the glass and drink the water down. Astonished, you shout, "What Did You Do That For???" I replied, "You're so sure the glass was half full, stick around until your half shows up!"

Flint, stick around until Y2K shows up. Same difference.

-- GoldReal (, November 10, 1999. "

Gosh, I wonder why "goldreal" didn't stick around?!? ....snicker....

-- Moore (more@from.idiots), July 29, 2000.

This is for real gold!!!!

-- hj (w@g.l), July 29, 2000.

If it be God's will. I did not see anyone claiming a surperb vision of the future, other than doubt upon their profession, to continue performance. I was a dedicated reader to every Congressional Testimony, bunch of Morons, your elected Officials. I say "Cast Them Out". Along with the empire builders I.T. morons. A good Shade Tree Mechanic wins my heart, any day. My Story, and I'm Sticking.

-- I.T. Fire Ant Builders (, July 30, 2000.

i,ve never known-a-duck-that worries!!!!

-- al-d. (, July 30, 2000.

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