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Dear All,

My Ex Husband bourght a property in 1986. I moved in with him in 1990.We wanted to move house in 1992 when I became pregnant ,to a larger house.However the buyers of our proprty pulled out at prior to the contracts being signed. We decided to stay and remotgage in order for building work and improvements to be carried out. I then found out that we had problems obtaining a remortgage as my ex had 2 CCJs.A friend of his advised that I bourght the house in my name only as I had a very good credit history. The Yorkshire building society granted me a mortgage and life went on. In 1999 after marital problems, I Left the property with my children and secured rented accomodation. As the mortgage was still in my name I continued to pay the mortgage for a further 6 months. In the meantime I commenced divorce proceedings and my solicitor wrote to my ex stating that as the property had been origionally his, and he continues to reside there, It would be beneficial for him to take over the transfer of equity, which he agreed to. The transfer of equity forms were origionally completed in Oct 1999,then he changed employers so the YBS required a new financial assessment. I asked my ex to take over paying the mortgage in Sept 1999 and I also informed the YBS by phone and letter of my situaltion and new address. My ex changed jobs again in Jan 00 and yet another income / financial assessment was needed. From my divorce becoming final in March 00 until Jul 00 I rang the YBS weekly or fortnightly for updates of when the transfer of equity was about to be completed. I was informed that they were waiting for various forms to be returned or questions to be answered.In frustration, I went to the branch (JUL 27,00) and was told that the transfer was not progressing as there was arrears on the account for #950. I asked why I was not informed and they said they did not have my address. The lady I spoke to said I was better to go back to my solicitor and get legal advice as I was liable for the mortgage. I had a bitter argument with my ex about arrears to which he is not too concerned now as he has met someone else and he plans to move in her house with her. My partner and I had hoped to purchase the rented home we have been living in for 18 months but I realise we cannot look into this now. I do not wish to go back to my old home and I doubt I could afford to make mortgage payments on it or even sell it as I have approx #30000 mortgage and the house next door to it was recently sold for #24000.Other properties on that road have been up for sale for 2 - 21/2 years. Depending on the advice of my solicitor who I am seeing next week, I was considering handing in the keys to the Yorkshire Building Society. Is there any advice you can give me ? Is there any way I can make my ex husband take some responsibility for the problems caused. I look forwrd to hearing from you,

Julie (July 29th,2000)

-- julie towers (, July 29, 2000


Short and simple: when it is this complex and involves three parties you need tailored legal advice from a lawyer.


-- Lee (, August 02, 2000.

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