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ITS THE "SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY IS COMING" GANG. This week, as usual, no facts, "just a feeling".LOLOLOLOLOLOL

FLY-RIGHT-OVER-DERE jhttp://pub5.ezboard.com/fyourdontimebomb2000.showMessage?topicID=8105.topic

-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), July 29, 2000



But first the price of admission

-- bb (Brucie Baby@mybunker.com), July 29, 2000.

You can register as a general user of E lists and then view the Masterpiece Posts on SLEEZ.

-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), July 29, 2000.

Speaking of a Bruce, how about his "schedule"? (Can't find any secondary clocks here.) Don't miss his "radiation detector special" (this week only at cost).

Y2K People Finding People - http://www.webpal.org/list.htm

Some dates on my calendar.

Monday - July 31st - Will Barak survive the non-confidence vote in the Knesset? (My guess is yes, but how often I am wrong about these details).

Thursday August 10th. - Great Day of Fear, in Jewish Tradition as seen in some prophetic lists. Date in history when 7 major catastrophes are said to have happened to the Jews.

Tuesday August 15th - Great Day of Confrontation - on Beach Calendar - date of ultimatum given by the Raiders of Waco North. (I expect the lawyer to be able to hold them off.)

Sunday Sept. 3rd - Sunday Sept. 10 (Actual conference dates published as Sept. 5-10) (Major circus in NY. Leftist "Cause" demonstrators. Right Extremists against NWO. Visits by VIPs such as President Jiang of China. Lots and lots of talk - but Global Governance not actually achieved - - BECAUSE US Congress would not approve it anyway- UNLESS major event -read nuclear war- happens prior to Conference).

Wednesday - Sept 13th - Will the PLO declaration of a separate state of Palestine be implemented? (My guess is yes, that this will cause major rioting, demonstrations, confrontations, but they could begin sooner).

Friday - October 20th. - Last interpretative date of Prophecy of Nostradamus. (1999 plus 7 months - on some calendars thought to be used by Nostradamus, 1999 ended March 20th, 2000 and the seventh month ends October 20th. While I am not that big a fan of reading Nostradamus Prophecies - still it is interesting.)

Sunday - October 29th - Will the Knesset resume on schedule? (My guess is that they will already have come back in Emergency Session)

Sunday - November 26th - Designated Day of the Covenant - Originally designated in New York City called the City of the Covenant where the UN was formed and the Millenium Conference is taking place. (Further interesting events have been scheduled for next year - which I see as follow up).

Others read significance into Janet Reno taking over US military responsibilities on Oct. 1st., so late in the Clinton administration. I mention such things as this, just to say that I am aware of many other paradigms such as having to do with Fatima Prophecies, the expectation of comets, or asteroids, or events on Mars, or the appearance of an anti-Christ and the role of Prince Charles, and the reptilian theories, and, and, and, it goes on and on. But, for the most part, these are not part of my paradigm. Nevertheless, I watch them with interest.

Sometimes in times of great crises or catastrophe, the military will abandon its code transmissions and send its messages in CLEAR OPEN TEXT simply because there is not time to translate in and out of code and there can be no risk of misunderstanding.

Yesterday, I printed out the FINAL WARNING in CLEAR OPEN TEXT - from one of the prophecies in my paradigm. Several people, semi-aware that I have them have inquired when I will send them out. But, I don't dare as yet. There would be too many repercussions from the powers that be.

But what difference will it make to the recipients? They don't share my paradigm and even if they do already there is so little time to do the preparations that we need to do.

Nevertheless, I presently intend to eventually send it, (when, I don't know) if events and the opportunity permit.

One reader has asked me to provide a link to his newswatch page, mainly on the mid-east. It is well done, and I hope he can maintain it, because it must be a gigantic effort. The URL is: http://www.findthepower.com/etm/ETMNewsHeadlines.htm

Peace and love, Bruce Beach Survival@

-- Banned Person (NonPerson@EZbanned.edu), July 29, 2000.

LOL! Nice try Creeper! Just goes to show what a confused retard you are.

It's obvious you're pissed because I exposed you for the rambling incoherent idiot that you are. Since everyone else knows what a fool you are, you are desperately trying to make it look like I made a mistake. Give it up, it is painfully obvious that you are the biggest moron on this forum.

Anyway, since you are obviously lacking any factual information, I'll give you a brief history lesson... I am a registered member of EZ Board, but haven't posted there in several months. When I was posting there, I was in disagreement with the majority of views, so the idiots like yourself ganged up on me. I was put into "ban with no warning" status because I pointed out to the idiots that their paranoid conspiracy theory about faked Elian photos was ludicrous. I haven't bothered posting there since because I could see that trying to show those people the truth was a hopeless endeavor, a waste of my time. I do not believe in all doomer and conspiracy theories, only the ones that are true.

I would suggest you try to pick your fight with someone your size if you ever hope to establish any credibility. If you want to persist with me, you'll be so ashamed of yourself that you'll be begging to make friends over at EZ. Better luck next time, fool. :-)

-- Hawk (flyin@hi.again), July 29, 2000.

Hawk is delusional. It doesn't matter "who" you are. Most of you are all the same. A bunch of losers trying to shift blame for their fate in life from themselves to "TPTB". The excuses run from "they" to "them" to "my spouse" to "my medical condition" to anyone or thing BUT themselves.

-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), July 29, 2000.


-- al-d. (dogs@zianet.com), July 29, 2000.

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