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Old rail atlases indicate that a railroad called the Ga.,Coast, and Piedmont once snaked through SE Ga from Collins, Ga (Junction with SAL east of Vidalia) SE through Reidsville, Ludowici (ACL junction) ,Darien Junction (SAL junction), Darien, and finally entered Brunswick from the north. Does anyone have any info on the G,C,&P RR, ie. when chartered, when abondoned, any traces today?

-- Greg Hodges (, July 29, 2000


The Georgia, Coast & Piedmont was created from a merger of the following railroads: Darien & Western 1894-7/1906, Collins & Reidville 1896-9/1906 and Reidsville & South Eastern 1906/9/1906. In October 1919 the CG&P became the Collins & Ludowici which, in Feb. 1921, became the Collins & Glennville. This last road was abandoned in October 1941.

-- Tom Underwood (, July 29, 2000.

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