Wireless mic for the XL1???

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Is there a suggested wireless mic for the XL1 that is low in cost but dependable? I'm looking to use a lav mic on a subject while shooting from a distance; I'm not even sure WHERE a wireless mic would hook up to the XL1.

Any thoughts?

-- Bernadette (bpampuch@medium4.com), July 28, 2000


I use an Azden VHF mic ( I will get a UHF when I can afford it. it plugs in where the on canera mic goes. It is pretty good up to about 50 feet. You sometimes get dropouts at greater distances. I think they clain 300 feet.They also make a steroe version that supports 2 discrete mics.

-- george (digitalbeach@hotmail.com), August 03, 2000.

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