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-- Cherri (, July 28, 2000


Subtitle: Y2k fear leaders meet for power breakfast. (Seen from left to right: Big Dawg, SissyBoy, Formerly Scary Gary Duct Tape and Your- Toast-ed Soon.) The waitress, Flo (not pictured here) reported that all asked for separate checks and left no tips.

-- Guess Whoo (, July 28, 2000.

Hey hey hey, you are gunna piss-off Anita here. Does this even resemble intelligent debate? As honest as it gets, but is it useful? is it civil? does it inspire respect?

Why yes it does, ROLFLMAO.

-- lifeain'tsupposedtobesugarcoated (, July 28, 2000.

haha cherri cute =o)

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), July 28, 2000.

Cherri tooooo cute should read: CRACK IS BACK...ROFL..

xoxo, sumer

-- consumer (, July 28, 2000.

Now waitaminute! You guys aint got no respect for PH.D's no more? Thassan impotent meeting of Plumbing Heating and Drainage (PH.D's) contracters!

-- Bobby Joe (plummer@home.on.back.disability), July 28, 2000.


-- al-d. (, July 28, 2000.

Rampant sexism. I am OUTRAGED! (but laughing)

-- (, July 28, 2000.

Cherri, you sure this isn't another 'name that thing'?

-- Ra (tion@l.1), July 28, 2000.

The Romans would have been enthralled.

-- Will (, July 28, 2000.

Guess who,


Sissyboy this...


-- Sysman (, July 29, 2000.

This picture reminds me of the TV commercial wherein the guy came to the house to fill in cracks where bugs or something were getting in. As he leaned over to check under the woman's sink, the camera first went to his backside [which resembled one of the backsides above], then went to the look on her face as she said, "Are you sure you brought enough?" I haven't seen that commercial in quite a while. Anyone remember the product being advertised?

-- Anita (, July 29, 2000.

Anita that reminds me of John Goodman in Arachniphobia. He played an exterminator and I think I remember one of those 'crack' shots. =)

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), July 29, 2000.

cin has slept with all 4 of those guys and had a kid with 2 of them

-- (loose lips @ lick. crack), July 29, 2000.

how sad i think it's jealous

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), July 29, 2000.

Anita, perhaps you were thinking about a skit that Dan Aykroyd did on the old SNL (back when it was funny).

As far as "What Is It?"..... Maybe "Moons Over Miami"?

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), July 29, 2000.

This picture is strangely provocative. Thanks Cherri.

-- cpr (, July 30, 2000.

I'm there:

I'm not thinking of anything but the commercial I saw. It came on several times a day a few months ago. I was somewhere inbetween shock and laughter when I saw it, but I saw it nonetheless.

-- Anita (, July 30, 2000.

"strangely provocative" is two thirds the way to enthralled.

Have you seen Caligula cpr? perhaps you've read about him?

-- Will (, July 30, 2000.

This forgery is getting out of hand.

The real me would have said,



-- Sysman (, July 30, 2000.

The "real me". Joke right?

The real you is someone running back and forth between boards trying to find approval. Then denying he was a doomer in what he wrote in "my 3,000 posts" on the leading y2k doom board.

That picture above doesn't have to show any more to show you are an asshole.

-- Guess Whoo (, July 31, 2000.

Guess who,

When did I ever deny that I was a doomer? Show me. Put up or shut up, ASSHOLE!

Yes, I do spend time on both boards. Unlike you, I'm proud to say that I have "friends" in both places. Don't like it? Tough shit.


-- Sysman (, July 31, 2000.

Get some help Bruce. You are allowing your bruised ego to poison your good mind. Its a sad thing to observe, watching an intelligent person come apart at the seams. If you truly have friends on both boards I think they would agree. Take back control of your mind while you can.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), July 31, 2000.

SyssyBoy: A waste is a terrible thing to mind.

-- Guess Who (, July 31, 2000.

Will, enthralling *might* be a better word. I can't stop looking at this picture. You know, if you fell into one of those cracks you might NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN. I want to get a closer look. There could be white sheeted DOOM ZOMBIES hiding in there. Caligula...a favorite. WHY?

-- cpr (, August 01, 2000.

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