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Dear white fella - couple of things you should know.

When I born, I black

When I grow up, I black

When I go in sun, I black

When I cold, I black

When I scared, I black

When I sick, I black

And when I die, I still black.

You white fella,

When you born, you pink

When you grow up, you white

When you go in sun, you red

When you cold, you blue

When you scared, you yellow

When you sick, you green

And when you die, you gray

And you have the balls to call me colored

-- Debbil (, July 28, 2000


De Colores

-- I down with (Marvin@Gaye.too), July 28, 2000.

Are you saying that you are not colored ?

-- Dan Newsome (, July 28, 2000.

I love my crayons.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), July 28, 2000.

Almost precisely word for word from a poem published by one Kiara Scheimann entitled "Colored."

-- Poetcop (, July 28, 2000.

P.S. BTW Ms. Scheimann spoke in the first person. Lovely poem not worded "precisely" as above, even though I did use that word.

-- Poetcop (, July 28, 2000.

A fine PC distinction---it is baaaad to use the term "colored people"; it is enlightened to use the term "poeple of color".

-- Lars (, July 29, 2000.

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