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All right. If you haven't followed the other thread about TG-only settings games, it can be found at:


This has obviously been a touchy subject with MARPers, and deservedly so. The original premise at MARP was that default settings were to be used, and you could use TG settings if you thought you were good enough to beat all other players even using more difficult settings.

This has for the most part worked smoothly at MARP, and has only recently started to crop up as an issue due to problems with leeching, lengthy recordings, players playing at defaults and beating previous TG first-placers, etc. This is not to say that these recordings do not show amazing amounts of skill. It is merely to set a precedent here at MARP to keep the challenge level as high as possible.

Now, obviously some players have invested a lot of time in these recordings, and don't want to see them thrown out overnight, especially if they feel they were already accomplished on difficult enough settings. Only two games so far have been voted to have not been difficult enough: BombJack and Joust. So what I propose is the following. From the games mentioned in the prior thread, the top three players on each game have the right to vote whether to convert settings for that game to TG (or harder, upon recommendation from the player) or to remain at default settings. Majority vote will decide the issue, and will bind to all romsets of that game.

Is this fair to everyone involved?

Q.T.Quazar, MARP Rules Coordinator

-- Q.T.Quazar (qan@home.com), July 27, 2000


Sounds fair to me QT..


-- QRS (qrs@telia.com), July 27, 2000.

QT, no no and no. When most people around here are saying they don't want to be govered by TG, you want us to go game and game and go TG? C'mon, what about us that can't crack the top 3 on a game we love, but the top moves it to TG, and kills us in the process???

If they want to play harder, that's fine. But don't punish others that play the game as it is. You wouldn't make all players in an arcade to play with an eye covered in one person had one eye out in a TG tournament, would you? Then why force the harder settings on people who don't want to play that way. Just enforce the rule as it stands now, defaults or TG, and DQ recordings that are done on easier than defaults.

-- Chris Parsley (cparsley1@hotmail.com), July 29, 2000.

Split the games into TG and non-TG sets for when the default settings aren't the same as the TG settings.

And split off skill 8 Magical Drop 3 into its own category, too. I want to see if Aaron Pieper can score more than 10k on Challenge Mode Hard for that one.

-- Ashuime Rainflower (peng@demongate.ath.cx), October 27, 2000.

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