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In our local paper yesterday there was a letter to the editor upset with remarks that Janet Reno had made regarding what is a cultist in her opinion...she was quoted as saying on CBS' program 60 Minutes that a cultist is a person who reads the Bible, homeschools his children,believes in the Second Coming of Christ,donates to Christian organizations, stores survival food,is suspicious of government and has an intense interest in upholding the Second Amendment....the writer was incensed and warning all the readers to beware of Janet Reno,et al...When I read this letter to the editor, I became outraged....yet, something made me want to check it out..I called Janet Reno's office..they denied that she said it...I called my Senator from Alabama,J.Sessions' office and a staffer said he was unfamiliar with the quote, but would research it for me...I went ahead and called the producer of the show 60 Minutes..He said that Janet Reno has appeared several times on their show AND NEVER SAID ANY SUCH THING AT ANY TIME...he informed me that this quote has been circulating on the internet for some 5 years now, that he gets several phone calls a week from concerned citizens,and that he does not know who started this, but it is a false quote....Interesting...I dislike the current administration tremendously...I do not trust them,I certainly have no repect for them,especially Janet Reno..having said that, I would caution all of us to be wary of false quotes attributed to persons in government whom we dislike.It is sufficient to dislike someone in a public office for their own misdeeds..we do not need to listen to garbage to help us make up our own minds....I learned this great lesson today,so I thought I would share it with my friends....God bless...

-- Lesley (martchas@gateway.net), July 27, 2000


Go to www.truthorfiction.com - if they don't have a story or email that is circulating already investigated and proven as truth or fiction, you can submit it to them for investigation. It's really a neat site.

-- Eric in TN (ems@nac.net), July 27, 2000.

Hi Lesley,

What you learned also points out another great(?) asset of the Internet. It spreads Truth at the speed of light. It also spreads Lies at the speed of light. Some of the most respected names in journalism are complaining loudly that truth is taking a back seat on the Web. There is such tremendous pressure to get the story out first- est and fast-est that accuracy nose dives. Add to that the problem that lies, slander, and gossip can be spread throughout the world by one person with just a click of a mouse.

You know the old saying "Buyer Beware"? I think the motto for the Internet should be "Reader Beware".


-- Craig Miller (CMiller@ssd.com), July 27, 2000.

Well....I have even seen some stange stuff at this Forum. The 'net is a great place to get information, but especially after all we "learned" about y2K, we should be pretty cautious.

Wait til the elections start looming closer. We will be exposed to all kinds of crap. Hopefully, we will be discerning...

-- sheepish (rborgo@gte.net), July 27, 2000.

I got to meet the Queen of Heartless Rage and Murder at the Senate Militia hearings. I think she wouldn't say that in public but that is how she feels. She is heartless and cold with dead eyes. She has no emotion ! Her belief is--Government control without regard to life. I think you understand --like the Pens--control the situation at any cost. I really struggle in my mind to understand that. I can never bring myself to that conclusion. My theory on many of her controversies was---Stand Down, retreat, wait them out, arrest them as individuals in the grocery store than have the trial. I came real close to a mass confrontation with her in Miami. After further review I can say we traded Elian for some Cuban cigars. We have to put up with her for 5 more months than she is history. If I had my way she would be in the place you retired from doing life plus 100. The truth is: she will write a book and live like a queen till she dies of Parkinsons. Sorry, the woman is a danger to any kind of liberty !

-- Joel Rosen (Joel681@webtv.net), July 27, 2000.

Joel, I have to say that you and I rarely agree on most political issues. However, you are right on the money about that woman!!!! The entire admin. is like her. I can't wait to see George in office. annette

-- annette (j_a_henry@yahoo.com), July 27, 2000.

Joel, I disagree.

-- J.J. (Haha@pa.prg), July 27, 2000.

The fact that Janet Reno may be the devil incarnate to some does not justify slander, regardless. C'mon now, people. You can have your opinion, whatever it is. The press, otoh, should be accountable for what it writes.(I know....) The internet should be accountable for not printing slander also. However, there's no controls on it. I would say enjoy your freedom of speech but take some responsibility for critical evaluation, and don't mix up your emotions with what may or may not be reported as "true".

-- sheepish (rborgo@gte.net), July 28, 2000.

Eric..thank you for your info regarding that website..www.truthorfiction.com...............I typed in "Janet Reno" and yupper, there was the whole cultist thing..a total hoax....Sorry Joel, but when I searched for Queen of Heartless Rage, it did not come up..maybe in the future dear one..God Bless...

-- Lesley (martchas@gateway.net), July 28, 2000.

Your right, We ought to hold our press accountable but that will never happen. Someday soon we may lose freedom of speech but they will go right on printing lies and slander for profit. I realize my thoughts on Janet are opinion. There are only two people that can inspire that much hatred from me. Both are government employees, both are women and I will dance the day that Satan calls them back. Thanks for letting me vent--every so often someone should mention Janet or my mother-in-law to keep me from exploding ! On that name issue, I have about 200 different things I call her--most I wouldn't print.

-- Joel Rosen (Joel681@webtv.net), July 28, 2000.

OK, let me see if I got this right.....Janet Reno's office denied it and 60 minutes denied it. So Truth or fiction.com (branch communications) says it must be a hoax. Having the name truth or fiction doesn't make them any more reliable than CBS or the justice deptartment in truthfulness as far as the web goes.

CBS and Janet are both well known suppressors of information and disseminators of both mis and dis information. Of course they would deny any qoute like that. A lot of tape is used in the making of a 60 minutes segment. How much is edited for the final production cut? What was in the original transcripts that got tossed? IF, and I say IF with a capital, she did say what has been attributed to her, it is highly unlikly that CBS would let that leave the confines of the edit room. CBS knows the power in a visual image. An inflammatory statement like that on tape......Well it could be almost as bad as a president wagging his finger at the camara "I'll say this one more time...I did not have sex with that woman, Miss L" OH, sorry I forgot, nobody gave a poop.

Besides, actions speak louder than words. Her deeds are testament enough. They were worried about the children. That's why they killed them.

-- John in S. IN (chuxorama@netscape.net), July 28, 2000.

So, Lesley, what is YOUR definition of a cult?

-- jumpoffjoe (jumpoffjoe@yahoo.com), July 29, 2000.

So Lesley, what is YOUR definition of a cult?

-- jumpoffjoe (jumpoffjoe@yahoo.com), July 29, 2000.

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