Unresolved burning knee pian

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I had injured both knees, sprained due to contusion, separate injuries. XRAYS and MRIs of both knees negative. This was 10 weeks ago. Both knees have gotten better to where I do not experience any "Burning sensation" and then they have gone back to almost original pain and burning level even when I take three 800mg Ibuprofin per day. Any suggestions for strengthening exercises? Any additional test need done? Ortho surgeon is not concerned. Says this takes time.

-- Christine Schubert (christine.schubert@usa.xerox.com), July 27, 2000


Use homeopatics:

Bryonia alba 15 ch once a day

Apis mellifica 15 ch if it gets better with Cold Belladona 15 ch if it gets better with warm

all globuli and 5 every time.

-- Dr. P.C. Servin (urgiden@arrakis.es), August 26, 2000.

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