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I'm a journalism student with an interest in amateur photography. I'm interested in buying an old Brownie camera, but I really don't know much about them. Would I really be able to use it? Where do I find film and is it outrageously expensive? Do I have to develop it myself and where could I get it developed if I don't do it myself? What do I look for when I'm looking at buying a Brownie? Does anyone know of a good site that will answer all these questions? Thanks, Jessi

-- Jessi Highfill (, July 27, 2000


Buying Brownies

Jesse, Most of what you need to know about brownies will be found right here on this site. Yes, you will be able to use it(your grandma did). As long as you get one that works you'll have fun. To start I'd find one that uses 120 or 620 film. 620 is sort of obselete but there is a place on this page that shows how to roll your own. B&H sells it too but It's about twice the price, so roll your own. Any pro lab can develop roll film for you (color or b+w). Look at the flea market, second hand shops, antique shops (be carefull, antique shops will sometimes gouge you on stuff that is "old"). I've found brownies for a buck or complete kits for up to fifty, but keep in mind they made these things for a million years and there are tons of models. Start cheap, look at this site, buy one, shoot. Matt

-- Matt Mengel (MMENGEL@YAHOO.COM), September 06, 2000.

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