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Chris Domingo DB Records, Loveclub, Orlando 407-441-4599 1. Deep Cover "Beat Stalker" Hope 2. Filip Skrapitch "Ksaut" Stimuli 3. Max Graham "Backdraft" Hope 4. Kaystone "Atmosphere" Destinctive 5. Push "Till we meet again" Inferno 6. Max Graham "Love The Bomb" Tek 7.Costelloe "Once Upon A Time Omni 8.Antarctica "Adrift" React 9.Inertiia "Vellum" Future Groove 10.Sloth and Dormant "Here And Now" URS White These are the tracks that rocked it this week in the clubs!!! Check em out. Upcoming Gigs: July 21st Jacksonville July 22nd Denver ,Co July 29th Trancedomain August 5th Detroit ,MI August 17th Orlando (Firestone) August 25h Houston ,Tx August 26th Ohio August 31st Canada September 1st Mexico City September 7th Washington DC September 8th Hawaii Will update dates in August

-- Anonymous, July 27, 2000

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