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Can anyone help with a source of information from experience or on the web, of the Sabattier effect (Solarisation) and Bas-relief. I am working on a body of prints for an exhibition and although with many years darkroom experience I have neglected the study of these creative techniques.

-- Ian James (, July 27, 2000


funny you should ask.... I was just reviewing a folder full of things I've printed (from the net) and there's an article called "Sabatier Effect printing" by Jay H. Anderson, dated December 28, 1998. I haven't bookmarked it, nor has it printed the URL like usual, sorry! A quick scan of the article seems to indicate some good info. Try a search for it. Note the spelling, only one 't'

-- Nigel Smith (, July 27, 2000.


you might find this interesting article by William Jolly to be helpful!

-- Bill C (, July 27, 2000.

I have been doing print solarization for about 10 years now, having read most of William L. Jolly's articles in various photo magazines from 1985 to the present. I have distilled what I have learned into an article on Print Solarization on my site at

-- Ed Buffaloe (, July 28, 2000.

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