hey William I exist!

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hello, my name is Paula, Im 21 years old, I was born and live in Brasil, do u know Brasil? my english is not so good but my "love" is biggest than words! Until I saw u in Stealing Home I think Im faling in love... Im not a fan... or a crazy girl... I have a silver with a baseball ball in my neck! I know that my love never be real! but... if you , someday, want to come to brasil, remember me!! I show all country for you... If u read this, I want to request a simple thing for u... give me other silver, with a baseball ball?? I send for u my email address and if u cant help me to never forget you... I send my address! please!!!!! answer my mail... a kiss for you my love... a special kiss.. paulinha

-- Paula Roberta Fernandes (paula@wst.com.br), July 26, 2000

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