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Ok everyone...if we are all curious about the latest happenings with engines...722/630/perhaps 1702/SR engines...then let's all try to find out something from the sources.

To: Great Smokey Mountain RR - Is your company truly interested in the purchase and rebuild of SR 722? (Please don't let it rot.) To: Tennessee Valley RR - Can we get an update on how the 630 is going? (Wouldn't it be nice to have both the 630 and 722 running, someone get 750 outta Atlanta for goodness sakes.) To: Monticello RR Museum - How is the restoration work on SRY 2-8-0 401 proceding? (This one is for real and not too many people seem to even know about it!)

End of questions.


-- Breckin (Breckinboy@hotmail.com), July 26, 2000


S&A # 750 is at the Southeastern RR museum in Duluth, GA. last that I heared was that the 750 had boler cracks that would need repare among other things for its restoration. The museum is more interested in restoring Atlanta & West Point 290 (also an 4-6-2). 290 would take a lot less money and time to restore. However they are located on the Norfolk Southern mainline, toughf luck running it out of the museum. I don't know what is going on at the Tennessee Valley RR but from what I've heared they are looking into restoring 630, and with the new addition to the shops this have a better chance of hapining. However the passenger coaches are coming appon the time of repare and those will be of priority. Look for 630 restoration sometime in the next 5 years is what I've heared. No. 610 has been running strong, but for how much longer will it? I've heared of # 722 going to the Great Smokey Mountain RR. The cabbose she was on display with whent to the GSMRR when the two where moved. In the wenter of 1999 I do beleve, the GSMRR came under new manigment. I was just up there last weekend and failed to ask about the 722! Their 1702 (same type as the TVRR 610, S-160 class 2-8-0) has been working one or two trips a day for the last 8 or 9 years. How much longer will it run? I have no idea about the 401, but I'm interested now in it.

-- evan whatley (evwhat@yahoo.com), August 26, 2000.

If you haven't already heard,at the begining of December,722 was moved to the GSMR Dillsboro shops for restoration that they say, will take about eighteen months (this will of course require a new boiler course which is one reason it sat on static display for so long)and should be better than new when they're finished.If you ask me, she is truly where she belongs,at her home on the Murphy Branch.She will also stay painted green & gold, so don't get your hopes up for any black paint around there.

-- Hayes Smith Jr. (cytrane@cybiko.com), December 31, 2000.

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