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We sit in the courtroom without reason,despair deep down for why we there. The lender does state his mortal figures making the most of the Borrowers nightmare. wife and children look around at these men in there gowns with wigs that match upon there crown. Judge looks down with a frown as those we commit murder or an enemy of the crown. But will Justice prevail we think i will,only to find it with false will. Alas all figures are put are wrong,yet who cares. Like Sheep in a pen we wait are fate,do they unlock that single gate. Aver and Err are words these use and non est factum can be in there dont mean much only your house. That the thing that always come last. So go from this place the Judge does say and be with your family upon your way. Unto the world you go a fresh to start a new nest. Years go by and the nests a new ,but you did not think about a Mortal few. That suddenly come back after you, with figure again and threats galore. oh not free from this chore. So in to fight go again like a soldier of fortune who did not win But think hard and fast as you prepare what in Gods name was your SIN!

Charles Twford AD 2000

-- charles twford (, July 25, 2000


Hi Charles

Great poem - hope to see some more


-- Joanne (, November 19, 2000.

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