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My partner had a possession order suspended in May 1999. He had to make the mortgage payment plus #100 pounds.Building society capitalised the arrears after six months and they only wanted the mortgage payment. He has missed the mortgage this months and Building society now wants the payment or they will ask the court to evict. He is unable to make the payment is there any way to prevent this happening. He has offered to make an additional payment of #100 per month but they will not accept this.

-- Marie Slattery (, July 25, 2000


Simply Tell it to the Judge......If I were you Prior to that I would tell the Lender I was going to tell it to the judge. The Judge will Im sure take a dim view of what they are up to. Its my guess that they will back down. If not I do not believe the judge will make a possession order based on 1 or 2 missed payments

-- Dave McLaughlin (, June 12, 2001.

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