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hi everyone Im Billy Lo.Just wanted to ask u people(especailly the no extra people)what filmmaking has been to u. Well i mean like I wanna be a well are u people off into filmmaking??I read the other post that said u guys are still trying to finish the film and having finace problems.Oh wait I got it.........My question is how much of a success can anyone have in this wondeful industry.I know its really hard to make it and all.What i mean is like"theres always room for a doctor in this world"but not filmmakers.I wanna know how i can work in the film industry in terms of a STEADY JOB.Production or watever. U guys get me??well thanks anyway. -Billy P.S. Who is this wondeful man known as "RONALD EMMERICH" u people keep making fun of.Thanks!!! Oh and No Extra Day looks very interesting,not like i would ever get to see it but its pretty cool.Just wanted to give out props to u guys.

-- Billy Lo (, July 24, 2000


That's a good question. There are a few of the jobs on a film set that are good ways to get started. These ones are usually in demand.

Gaffer's Crew - Lights and Electricity. The gaffer makes sure you have enough juice to film. They work closly with the Camera Crew. You won't jump right into this, or even Best Boy, but as an assistant to the gaffer you can get good work and learn a lot. The gaffer's crew mwmbers don't have a title really. Our gaffer called his Choads.

Grip - A grip helps set up and does odd jobs. It's a lot of hard work followed by a lot of waiting. If you like working in bursts, this is for you. If you do well you can become a Key Grip.

Script Supervisor - Continuity. A Script Sup makes sure that everything matches up. Because films are shot out of sequence you often shoot portions of a single scene a week apart. The script sup makes sure the set and the actors look the same as they did when you shot the first part.

Camera Crew - Clapper-Loader, Focus Puller, and Dolly Grip all are good places to start here.

Clapper Loader - The person who operates the clapboard (sticks) at the beginning of a shot, sometimes responsible for loading film stock into film magazines.

Focus Puller - A member of the camera crew who adjusts the focus of the camera during filming.

Dolly Grip - The Dolly Grip moves the dolly the camera is on during filming. They need to be steady, smooth and observant.

Boom - Works with the sound man. He holds the boom mike...out of the frame hopefully.

Most of these just require that you are willing to work and learn. If you are good you'll move up and get recommended to other shoots. Other crew are your best friends. When another director needs a good boom guy, your friends from your shoot can recommend you. Once that happens a few times you have steady work with nice breaks between scheduled shoots. For a good idea of what all these people actually do I recommend watching Living in Oblivion.

As you move up to DP, Line Producer, or Sound, the work gets more and more reliable and better paying....until you start directing.

If you want to try filmmaking, talent or no, I recommend getting used to Not Dogs for dinner (Ketchup and Bread), hair loss, and very little sleep.

Even overnight successes have to work five or ten years first.

Thanks for the post.

-- Michael Fitts (, July 25, 2000.

Roland Emmerich is the ponce that unleashed such crap as the US Godzilla movie and Universal Soldier. Don't go whipping out The Patriot on me either. It's a trick to lull us. He will suck out all of your souls.

I think we should tie up him and Renny Harlin and bitch slap them with copies of Swimming with Sharks until they pee themselves.

-- Lister VonLister (, July 25, 2000.

hmmmm thats alot .BUt thanks thats alotta hlep.I really appreciated. Seems i know next to nothing about films now. Hot dogs and hair lost eh???hmmmmm Interesting.I guess that means I gotta work HARD.DAMMIT ALL.My plan of walking into a big studio and having them bow down before me has been crushed. Well thanks again Micheal.And as for Mr emmerich,I know who he is now thanks.HE did Independance day right??Whats wrong with Godzilla and that other movie.HEhEHheheheheh.Yes im an aspiring filmmaker to be. Lastly I feel bad for Renny harlin.And i think its mean of u guys to make fun of him.I mean come on how would u feel if u were him?? Responsible for flops and stuff.Hes a filmmaker just like u,Have some sympathy for the GUY!!!

Thanks again, Billy Lo P.S. BATMAN AND ROBIN RULESSSSSSSS I love that film!!! hahah ehehehhe

-- (, July 25, 2000.

A Gaffer has no crew, no people he can depend on, just 110V of alternating current and a whole bunch of people who don't move fast enough. This is from the point of the gaffer of course. If you talk to a grip or a DP, or even a Director (AHEM!! Mr. Fitts) they'll tell you that a Gaffer was a guy who was on the set complaining "We can't put that there." and "OK! Who blew up the ballast?!?". And he always ran around mumblig something about Molasses in January. But aside from all that, I think it's got to be the best job on a set. Wether you're making a film or a Stageplay.

-- The Furry Gaffer (, September 25, 2000.

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