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Good evening: I am looking for info and/or photos of the Hatchett Creek trestle in North Florida. The Seaboard crossed Hatchett Creek on its way between Waldo,FL and Gainesville,FL. My source indicate that it was around 50 Ft high and 20 ft long. It could have been bigger or larger I guess. I also believe SCL may have briefly used this bridge before the tracks were abandoned. Thank you in advance!

-- Richard Stallworth (, July 24, 2000


I think the one right next to Waldo RD is the Little Hatchett Creek. If you look at a DeLorme Florida Atlas it shows a Little Hatchett Creek and then Hatchett Creek proper. Based on this atlas I think the old abutments by Waldo Rd are the former trestle over Little Hatchett Creek. Another SAL fan by the name of Neal Horner has told me about the "big" trestle at Hatchett Creek. But I have no photos of the bridge.

-- Richard Stallworth (, July 27, 2000.

Is that the trestle just north of where the airport is right on the east shoulder of waldo rd?

-- troy (, July 27, 2000.

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