A Kingdom In My Heart

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One day Tauler (a German mystic), met a beggar. "God give you a good day, my friend," he said. The beggar answered, "I thank God I never had a bad one." Then Tauler said, "God give you a happy life my friend." "I thank God," said the beggar, "I am never unhappy." Tauler in amazement said, "What do you mean?" "Well," said the beggar, "When it is fine, I thank God; when it rains, I thank God; when I have plenty, I thank God; when I am hungry, I thank God; and since God's will is my will, and whatever pleases Him pleases me, why should I say I am unhappy when I am not?" Tauler looded at the man in astonishment. "Who are you?" he asked. "I am a king," said the beggar. Where then is your kingdom?" asked Tauler. And the beggar answered quietly, "In my heart." - William Barclay

-- saved (bygrace@thru.faith), July 24, 2000


saved, it is a hard road. My skin still wants all the frills, but it is my choice, to give it up, to teach. Missionary Woman, without a church direction. Oh Well... On my own, giving comfort, as I have been given.

-- A hard (rowtore@p.com), July 24, 2000.

This is a good one, saved. Thanks.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), July 24, 2000.


-- al-d. (dogs@zianet.com), July 24, 2000.

This forum, is a tight closet, not unlike Germany in WW2, break out, expand your horizon.. Seek the Truth. My Story, and I am Sticking....

-- Too many names (in@toomanyplaces.com), July 25, 2000.

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