Exposing the EY/GN FALLACIES long before 1/1/2000:

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Exposing the EY/GN FALLACIES long before 1/1/2000:

Wed 02/10/1999 9:40 AM

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Based on you email address, I have assumed that you are with DMR the Integrator/VAR in Canada. Even if you are not, the thinking below applies to you and your charges about "preparation".

Most of the I.T. professionals in the N.Texas area (home of EDS as you know, and large pools or I.T. shops including Anderson and IBM) have now reached appoximately the same position as the Industry leaders.

No one (save Yourdon who states he does not know but proceeds to outline his fiction) claims to know the Impact of Y2k. In one poll locally at a DAMA meeting, 95% of those present agreed with my "statement/question" "We are pretty sure we will be OK but we are very worried about X or Y or Z". That was repeated in another form a week later at a major seminar in front of 200 business, I.T. and Legal types. Results were similar. (Several did not vote but they had fallen asleep from the Legal presentations).

NAME ONE.......single Major responsible IT or business leader who has not moved away from their former "alarmist mode" re: Y2k (Yourdon excepted). NAME a company that discusses "personal preparation" even if they state they have problems that can't be solved before 1/1/2000.

Even CHEVRON does not take that position but maintains in very carefully guarded language that Y2k issues are "manageable".

That nicely covers them re: the SEC and due diligence but I would suggest that IF a CHEVRON truly had concerns and did not include that in their SEC disclosures they would be liable if it were discovered later that they knew people would be harmed because they could not get to 100% Compliance (readiness, able or whatever one chooses to call it).

Same with any other major. If I were CEO of CIBA or Hoffman or even Johnson and Johnson and knew I would have problems would I not have to cover the company by telling the PUBLIC such??

If the Company did not and someone died from not being "prepared" with medical supplies, then the Company would be liable. A good litigator would massage that and expect a huge settlement in a Class action.

BUT...we see none of that.

Similarly, we see nothing about that from..... YOUR OWN COMPANY !!! After all, DMR offers Y2k "solutions" thus DMR is in the legal "chain". The only legal and in fact MORAL position in such cases would be to "go public" and warn Citizens.

IS DMR "covering up"?? Is DMR "lying" as NORTH implies the generic "THEY" are doing??

The owner of this site correctly points out North's role in creating a "climate of hysteria" along with the spurious book from Edward Yourdon. You may choose to nit pick at his style or mine but LEARN THIS: NORTH IS A TECHNICALLY ILLITERATE FEAR MONGER who is driving the current hysteria along with Edward Yourdon who is ILLITERATE IN FINANCE AND ECONOMICS (and admits same on his most recent "paper" on yourdon.com) .


That is the message of over 600 messages on this forum. READ THEM and try to learn how YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED.

WHAT about.....DMR .........?????

DMR seems to offer little that would justify your position implied in your post. Have they like most major vendors from IBM on down moved on to the Real World yet??


YOUR OWN FIRM doesn't seem that concerned nor do those on the list ahead of Trecom associates.

In fact, 2 of DMR's people wrote: Y2k A Blessing in Disguise long ago.


One hears nothing about the need to "prepare" from IBM or Arthur Anderson or EDS only the NEED TO FIX THE SYSTEMS. Since enough evidence is now accumulating to suggest that that has been done (Yourdon's absurd statements notwithstanding) why should the PUBLIC be "preparing"???

Because a Gary North or many others demand it either for religiious, political or economic greed reasons??

It is fact that the Y2k issue has been "kidnapped" from its proper venue in IT/Business by a collection of "others" ranging from North/Yourdon to those peddling a reuseable Menstrual cup because of a purported shortaged from failures in the supply chain for disposable products. (see the deplorable Y2kwomen.com and while there note that her links page is Ed Yourdon's with his approval.

Almost every last one of the 'personal preparedness sites' list both North and Yourdon as "PROOF" of impending disaster which can be lessened if you only buy from them today to "prepare" for events 10+ months from now that might never happen.

The sales pitches have "closing lines" like: "its only prudent insurance and you do have insurance don't you" to "there will be blood on the hands of those who do not prepare" (NORTH,today: www.garynorth.com/y2k/detail_.cfm/3832 : "....There will be blood on these people's hands. They will not escape the effects of what they have done. They think they are oh, so very clever. They are dead men, whining."

He then moves on to another attack upon BANKS after a brief mention of his "topic", the value of gold. www.garynorth.com/y2k/detail_.cfm/3834

The page is so far removed from Year 2000 Issue that one wonders why anyone would read it but some do and then call their Bank to demand the Bank "prove" it is compliant even though a Banker could say almost anything and send them any technical report they and North himself would be unable to READ much less "evaluate".

Were it not so extreme one would respond by calling such: PURE "pie in the sky" were one selling more conventional wares but North's obsessive need to INCITE TO RIOT as demonstrated on the home page of this site knows few bounds and...I suggest he is not alone though the motives differ.

In Yourdon's case, he merely sacrifices his Professional reputation and future career with his greedy pandering of his "fictional" book : "Timebomb2000" and now his "marketing opportunity for Y2k Entreprenuers" exposed on this forum.

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-- anon (anon@anon.com), July 24, 2000


Quotably Quoted - What the 2/99 Senate Report Really Said...


-- (also@see.this), July 25, 2000.

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