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We now live in North Central Texas,about 75 miles north of Dallas,and we are overwhelmed every year by grasshoppers,copperhead snakes,and fire ants. We are going to buy a small homesite,an acre or two,and move close to Bolivar,in Polk County,Missouri. Does anyone know what we can expect,as far as fire ants ? Grasshoppers? Snakes ? Appreciate any information. Thanks, The Sloans of hillside farm

-- The Sloans (, July 24, 2000


Grasshoppers- not usually to bad. Fireants?? whats that?? Copperheads? around here you don't stick you hand under anything without an "investigation" first. Many a copperhead has expired at my expert snake killing skills. But if your not located in a wooded area there not so bad. I happen to live in real good snake habitat. Don

-- Don (, July 24, 2000.

In Thailand, they sell deep-fried grasshoppers as a snack. They're big'uns -- their bodies are as big as your little finger. They reach into a cage and toss a handful into hot oil in a wok, and they turn from a lavender tan colour to dark mahogany in about 15 seconds. They scoop them out of the wok and drain them like bacon, spritz them with soy sauce and chili powder. On a dare, I bought some and tried them. The first bite was really hard to do -- but, you know, they were pretty tasty! Not at all sqooshy like I dreaded. Crunchy. I ate the whole serving. Just a thought if you have too many of them....Of course, i ought to apply the same mentality to all the "homeless escargot"(slugs) munching up the garden here, but I think I'll leave the ducks to do it for me. (I know, I'm not being very helpful.)

-- snoozy (, July 24, 2000.

Snoozy, I think you are on to something. It could be a nice home business, "Tasty Critters". I once ate chocolate covered grasshoppers and they just tasted like a Nestle's Crunch bar. The grasshopper had no taste. I don't know how they were prepared but they tasted fine. Now, I don't know that the fire ants and snakes would be so readily convertible particularly since the snake is poisonous.

-- Colleen (, July 27, 2000.

Last year while waiting for a doctor's appointment I read an article on deadly snakes - you know, in one of those five year old magazines. Said there has never been a documented case of someone dying from a copperhead bite.

By the way, two of the biggest lies in the world are: "Have a seat, we'll be right with you." and "The doctor will be in in just a minute."

-- Ken S. (, July 30, 2000.

we have lived on our homestead in sw missouri for 2 1/2 years. The land was covered with brush which we had to clear. one day after we started building our house i heard my beagle squealing under the house and he came running out and he had two bloody marks on the end of his nose. i went under the house and tried to find the snake but it was getting dark and i couldn't find him. i called the vet and he sold me the antivenim and i gave it to the dog and he was ok. about a month later his mother got bit in the neck. i killed 7 copperheads last year. One was out on a rock on a 24 degree day laying in the sun. One i hit with a rock and he struck and bite himself where i hit him. His fangs stuck in his side so hard he coudln't get loose and i hit him with another rock with his fangs still imbedded. so far this year i haven't killed any. I am still very cautious when i pick something up. the only snakes we've seen this year has been two water snakes in our pond and three big black snakes. I killed two of them because one was in my goose nest and the other was in my chicken nest. we came from south ga. where there is an abundance of rattlesnakes, so these little copperheads aren't too bad. Good luck on your move to mo. we love it and we hope you do to. Don

-- don in missoui (, July 30, 2000.

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