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I am looking for information on Lawrence S. Jeffords, I understand he was Vice President of Atlantic Coast Line Railroad in the 1950's. Any information would be appreciated.

-- Hazel M. Jeffords (, July 24, 2000


Volume 62, No. 5, 1997 of the National Railway Bulletin contains an excellent article regarding Mr. Jeffords. The article was written by society member James Sheppard. To summarize Mr. Sheppards article, Lawrence Suggs Jeffords was born in Florence, SC on July 2, 1892 and later attended Clemson College. He began his railroad career in 1910 in the engineering department of the ACL. In 1921 he joined ACL subsidiary C&WC as maintenance of way engineer and was later promoted to superintendent. He married in 1925. Mr. Jeffords became C&WC general superintendent in 1940 and traveled the C&WC in office car 100 of that road. September 1, 1944, he was promoted to chief of personnel of the ACL in Wilmington NC. In 1945, he became chief engineer of the ACL and in 1950 was promoted to vice president of operations. Relocated to Jacksonville in 1960 with ACL headquarters and retired in 1962. He continued to serve the railroad as a consultant after retiring. Mr. Jeffords passed away in 1974.

I'm not sure about the availability of back issues for the NRB, but it's definitely worth getting a copy of the referenced article. Excellent writing recalling the days when the railroad industry was a more friendly and accessable institution than it's decendents. Mr. Sheppard writes about getting permission to ride the cab of a C&WC steam engine, visiting office car 100, his conversations and correspondence with Mr. Jeffords. There are also a few rare (i.e. not widely published) photos of C&WC steam.

One final note, there was also a photo of Mr. Jeffords and his ACL counterpart at Yemassee SC in the May 14, 1942 issue of Life Magazine. Hope all this helps.

-- Buddy Hill (, July 26, 2000.

The Nov-Dec 1960 ACL news shows L.S. Jeffords as the Vice President, Operating Dept. 7th floor East new Jacksonville HQ. It also has a picture of him in another article shaking hands with the mayor of Wilmington, N.C. at a "Main Street USA" exhibit.


Lawrence Jeffords' grandson is Roadmaster for CSX at Social Circle,GA. At the moment I don't have the Social Circle phone book handy but I believe CSX is on Dogwood Dr. I can get address for you in a couple of days. You can send an e-mail. Lawrence knows a fair amount about his grandfather who was on C&WC for awhile. The old Pullman Supurb at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Ga., was his office car awhile.

-- Conrad Cheatham (, July 25, 2000.

Two important officials in the operations were W.J. Turner, and L.S. Jeffords. I think Mr. Jeffords, preceded Mr. Turner. Not sure of exact title, but they (in different eras) were the top executives in charge of operations.

My dim memory seems to recall the title, Vice President & General Manager. Wouldn't want to bet the store on my memory though. Do know though, that Mr. Jeffords, was high up in the woodpile.


-- Curtis E. Denmark Jr. (, July 25, 2000.

According to the book A History of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company the list of presidents doesn't list Lawrence S. Jerrords. The list of presidents is as follows: George B. Elliott 1928-1942 Champion McD. Davis 1942-1957 Thomas W. Rice 1957-1967

I hope this helps.

-- Stanley Jackowski (, July 25, 2000.

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