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So, er, what's the deal with CNU getting all religious right on me? Do you have that problem anywhere? Or do you (gasp) think it's not a problem at all...

-- Sarah (, July 24, 2000


I would not have a problem with CNU being strongly connected to a religious group if IT WERE A PRIVATE SCHOOL!!! I went to Catholic school for 13 years (k-high school), but I knew going into school everyday that I'd be hammered with religion and such (luckily every Catholic school I was in were actually pretty liberal compared to other catholic schools in the area).

There is absolutely no reason why a public institution should have strong connections to a particular religion. The problem with CNU right now, as I see it, is that Prez Tribble is republican and a major prerequisite of being a republican serving in office is being a member of the Christian Coalition.

That fact in itself is not a bad thing except for the fact that they believe that Christian values are the only values. To "those people" Christian values and moral values are synanmus with each other, which of course is total bullshit. Are Jewish values or Buddhist values inferior to Christina values? According to this "semi-cult", the answer is yes. I disagree.

I personally have little problems with the formation of religious clubs started by students for students. They have a right to join together (the members may be extremely annoying as hell, but they still ahve a right to their own version of "fun") I do have a problem with a school sponsored honor society (ie... President's little puppies) having "a strong religious basckground" being a factor in deciding who and who can not be a "leader" on campus. That my friends is discrimination.

And while we are on the subject of PLP, why is this group even called that??? As someone said this weekend (I believe the credit goes to Mike Gamache, please correct me if I'm worng) the PLP people are not really leaders, but rather followers. Case in point... 80-90% of Young Life is PLP, yet the club was started and led by two non-PLP people. Tribble's student right-hand organization 48.7 was 90% PLP and two of the three "leaders" in that particular organization were non-PLP. Many PLP members are nothing but sheep, which is bad. It is made even worse when a cultish invasion like the current influx of ultra-orthodox-religion societies come rumbling through campus because the sheep are oh so eager to hook their leashes up to the bandwagon and make everyone else's lives a living hell. The fact that Tribble encourages so-called "religious values" makes the matter even sadder cause he knows that he has sheep that will "bah" at his every command.

That's my personal belief on the matter and if anyone has a problem with it, then to fucking bad... Have a nice day!!!


-- jon5k (, July 25, 2000.

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