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OLD-ENGLISH, MODERN TRANSLATION-->DEAR LORD,this world is so screwed up!please do something! thanks=from 1 of your kids in n.m.! P.S -Dear JESUS , i know your coming back-someday!AND STRAIGHTEN IT ALL-OUT!oh and if you,d be so kind, i,d like to be there when you cast satan into lake of fire!-i got a zillion question,s-but we got all eternity for that!-in the meantime,thanks for keeping me outa trouble!-and please bless consumer-in her trial!

-- al-d. (, July 23, 2000


...and thank you for the love displayed here. In Jesus' name amen.

-- (, July 23, 2000.

Al, You are a perpetual 'crack up', I say this lovingly. (smiles at ya) Thank you for the prayers....

I do KNOW they are 'genuine'. From the heart and the top

xoxoxox, sumer

-- consumer (, July 23, 2000.

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