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So, what was the spookiest dream YOU ever had?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (, July 22, 2000


In a feverish delirium when a child my addled brain caused a dream putting the puzzle of space without end - and space with an end as the main factor of a hummer. Space was yo-yo-ing in all directions, with me like a sock in a washing machine, ordinary things would swell to unimagined proportions and shrink to the vanishing point, and as in a dream it went too rapidly and was too mixed up fr me to relate. It was horrifying to the ultimate spookyness. Youda hadda been there !

-- Denver doug (, July 23, 2000.

I had this dream not too long ago, and it disturbed me greatly for several days. Even focusing on it once again for this missive, was disturbing.

I dreamed that I walked into my kitchen, and my mother was feeding my grandson broken glass. There was a glass jar sitting on the counter that contained human brains. I was shocked and horrified, because I knew that my mom was killing my grandson, so that she could put his brain in the jar. My grandson was choking and crying, and my mother was yelling at him to hurry up. I didn't want to scare my grandson by panicking in front of him, so I asked my mom to step out of the room with me. As soon as she did, I grabbed her by the shirt collar, bending her backward in a violent move. I was hissing at her that I knew what she was doing, and I was calling the police. I told her that I would have her sent away for life. I was snarling and shaking her, spitting out my words......and that's when I woke up.

Now, I've never lifted a hand to my mother in real life, would never dream of doing so. And my grandson is a precious part of all of our lives. I don't understand the dream, and was very upset for days over it. Guess I still am upset about it. The mind is such a mystery.

-- Planet Earth (, July 27, 2000.

The ones that come true... and I have too many of those.

-- Alice (, July 27, 2000.

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