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My wife and I are thinking about buying a small parcel of land with a small house,in the vicinity of Bolivar Missouri. We have relatives there. What we dont know is how expensive is it as far as utilities,car registration (license tags),groceries,animal feeds,taxes etc... Would appreciate any and all information. We live in far North Texas now,in Grayson County,about 3 miles from the Texas/Oklahoma border. Thanks for any help !

-- The Sloans (, July 22, 2000


Hi folks! I just happened to be in the big town of Bolivar today. I think you will find living exp. most reasonable. I'm not living in that county so can't really say on property tax, but live in the next county where a $75000 house might cost maybe $400 to 600 yr. Car tags will cost from $25 to 50 per year, depends on size of car. Property tax on a new car will run $150 to 200, an old one maybe $10 yr. As to grain--I buy lots and will run from $6 on up per cwt. Power here cost about .065 per kwh. Phone without any long distance in my county is less than $14 per month. Internet=$20 month Don

-- Don (, July 22, 2000.

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