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With all the talk about Noah being snubbed for an emmy nomination I thought we could think of some songs that could show Noah how much we love him and support him. I thought of a song from the movie "Bye Bye Birdie". I think the name of one of the songs is "We Love You Conrad." Well just replace Conrad with Noah. It would go "We love you Noah. Oh yes we do." I don't know how the rest goes. What songs would you pick for him?

-- Cammie (, July 22, 2000


crash and burn...... by savage garden

-- rachel (, July 22, 2000.

"We love you Noah, oh yes we do We love you Noah, and we'll be true. When you're not near us, we're blue... Oh Noah, we LOVE YOU!!"

I don't know what would be a good song for Noah...I'll have to think about that one! :-)

-- Kimmy (, July 22, 2000.

We can sing these as we picket! Have you all got your picket signs ready?

-- S. Trelles (, July 24, 2000.

I am SO ready to picket! I am still pretty mad about it! (and by the way, so many people have declared Crash and Burn "Carter's song" that every time I hear it I think of the character!)

-- Elaine (, July 24, 2000.

Elaine, I'm going to post this on all the related threads as well...I really liked your idea of an online petition to get some Emmy attention. A sort of "e-picket." Does anyone know how to get one started? (you'd think I'd know, studied web and stuff, but I'm only in my first semester, I feel like such a neophyte.)

-- S. Trelles (, July 24, 2000.

Read the thread Just another idea about the Noah emmy snub. It's from Andie and she has a great idea.

-- Cammie (, July 24, 2000.

What category is this post in? I can't seem to find it anywhere...maybe I'm being a bit stupid!!)

-- Rosie (, July 29, 2000.

It was deleted because Andie didn't have a valid e-mail address. I think she mentioned in it to e-mail Rosie O'Donnell and tell her about Noah Wyle's emmy snub and maybe if she gets enough letters, and/or e-mails she'll mention it on her show.

-- Cammie (, July 29, 2000.

Yeah, anyone let us know if there's a way to do this...I would *love* it if it got mentioned on ANY show or something that fans were rebelling against the "no NW nomination". That woudl be great. And if anyone knows, when are the People's Choice Awards? Do you think he has a chance for that?

-- Elaine (, July 30, 2000.

All you have to do is go to Rosie O'Donnell's web site at or AOL Keyword: Rosie and near the bottom there's a section called Contact Rosie. Click on that and you're ready to e- mail her and tell her all about Noah's emmy snub. Or you can write to her. Someone did write it out on another thread but I think it was on the thread that was deleted before I wrote it down. So I don't have the address.

-- Cammie (, August 01, 2000.

Just pasting a bit of Mike's response here.

I wish posters -- all posters -- would bear in mind that this forum is designed to compliment the Web site and is supposed to function primarily as an extension of it; astute observers will note that we barely talk about what the actors have done outside of ER, primarily because (as Cecelia so accurately notes) we are not a fan site. Other places on the Web do an excellent job of promoting the actors and their external work -- I simply don't see the point of making a half-hearted attempt to copy what they do.

Bottom line: If it's not about ER, it's not on the site, and it probably shouldn't be on this forum, either.

-- Trap (, August 01, 2000.

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