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Of those of you who keep a garden journal, could you please explain to me a bit of what type of binder you use, what entries you make, how often you write in it, how your journal is set up?

I want to start a garden journal so as to improve my gardening methods, but I don't know whether to buy one or to make one. If I make one, what type of standard setups should I think of?

I have tried using a computer database of garden plants that I put in, but I am not satisfied with it.

Any and all suggestions of your preferences and experience would be appreciated. Than

-- R. (, July 22, 2000


I used to buy a great one from organic gardening every year, It was great, was appointment callender style and had use full charts like blank plant lists so you could list what plants you buy each year, frost dates, ect. Thay didnt tell any one they were not putting them out this year and i just started to write on a callender waiting for it to come, When I got ahold of them and found out they were not doing it I just kept writing on callender. If any one knows of a good one out there please let me know for next year.

-- kathy h (, July 22, 2000.

I've tried lot's of things, including the OG calendar. What I've used for years since is a simple composition notebook. I pasted in my different charts from magazines & extension service bulletins (the old ones, now they want you to buy their book!). The charts for example are: degree of difficulty, seed-starting schedule, planting dates for IL, when to sow, grow indoors, set out... I also included spring/fall freeze maps, other clipped articles & tips. I record what I plant each year- varieties, what seed company, how they germinated & grew, did we like it... I draw the garden layout for each year, record ideas & plans, jot down changes I'd make for next year, record soil test results... I made pockets on the front & back inside covers to tuck clippings into. I journal a bit, make canning notes, glued a pretty picture of chickens from a magazine on the cover and covered it with clear contact paper. I've used this for 6 years now, it is really personalized and I'm happy with it. There is still plenty of room for many more years, too. Hope this helps! Jean

-- Jean (, July 28, 2000.

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