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This may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but what do you do when you have a subject you want to video in a remote location? Are there third party batteries with extra high capacity, or do you just carry 20 batteries? It seems to me that this must be one of the main logistical problems in doing video documentary work. Rob.

-- Robert Appleby (, July 21, 2000


Hi Robert,

Battery capacity is certainly a thorny problem when you get off the beaten track. On assignments which took me along those tracks, where no possability to recharge off mains exsisted, I always back packed Lithium batteries.

Can't help you with brand or source as it's a while back now and such details have a way of flaoting away. But I do know its the answer (unless solar charges have become less of a heavy useless commodity to back pack and idle away the hours to little effect with).

Using high eight cameras I could shoot a whole documentary on one. Using Betacam or Beta SP several hours off one batt. The down side was those I used to use were expensive (#300 in the late 80's) and non rechargable. The alternative was sitting i nthe woods with a lot of heavy camera kit and no way to film what you had treked and risked so much in order to be able to film.

If you get an updated lithium battery answer, don't forget to post it here for others to follow.

Good Luck,

Ken Guest

-- Ken Guest (, July 28, 2000.

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